Meditation Mat

You Really Do Need a Meditation Mat to Meditate Properly

I’ve been doing yoga for years now, and I as much as I want to convince myself that I’ve been blessed with an amazing body, the truth is I hard worked for it. Besides helping you build your strength, lean muscle mass and a very desirable dose of flexibility, yoga is an amazing exercise for the mind. Meditation has helped me keep it together over a number of stressful events and with time, it actually improved my mental well-being. Nowadays, I do it 2-3 times a week, just to refuel, and the yoga exercises have become my favourite form of physical activity in life.

Meditation Mat

Just like any other physical activity or sport, this practice also requires the right tools. First of all, you need a meditation mat to start with the process of meditating. Now, I know most of you will say that a simple piece of material can’t have that much significance. That’s exactly what I used to think back in the days. However, after understanding what the mat is actually designed for, I embraced it and even got one with a print. Here’s the deal.

A meditation mat is more than a physical representation of the space you sit on. Yes, you do sit on it and make your poses, but it also represents the virtual personal space that no one is allowed to disrupt. It’s the space occupied by you as a yogi and you’re safe here. Nothing that happens outside the borders of the mat troubles you. Breathe in, breathe out. Om.

There’s a vast array of meditation mats on the market. According to your level of expertise, and whether you’re combining yoga exercises with deep meditation or not, you can base your choice in regard to the mat’s thickness, stickiness and design. And of course, you can get a printed one, basically anything that reflects your personality and attitude towards the activity.

If you are concerned with the well-being of our planet as much as you are concerned with your own, you can get a mat made of natural material. They may be a little bit more expensive, but if you want the feeling of natural material and also great natural smell, this is definitely the way to go.

So to cut to the chase, a meditation mat isn’t just another waste of money without purpose. It’s a tool you need under your armpit every time you decide to dive into the depths of your mind and soul and release yourself.