Kids Vinyl Flooring Tips and Great Design Inspirations

Who said that the floor doesn’t have any decorative value when designing a kids bedroom? If you have little kids than you know how they’re always on the floor, sitting, crawling and being all amazed by the carpet’s print and design schemes. If you are someone who follows the trends, then you probably don’t have rugs in your house to amaze your children. So, besides painting their walls in screaming colours, adding all kinds of decorations and getting fancy beds, the one extra thing you can add to complement the whole playful design, is install kids vinyl flooring. Creating a room that will be one big whole with the walls and the floors? I know, it sounds quite interesting. A few tips and design ideas on the way.

Vinyl and colouring go well together

Residential vinyl floors are made of polyvinyl chloride, or in other words, from plastic. Vinyl is very flexible as a floor material that gets its flexibility from so-called plasticizers which are additives added especially for the purpose. There are more types of vinyl flooring and the one that interests you is called inlaid vinyl. This one has colour vinyl particles added to a backing material fused all together. The end result is a floor which when your kids accidentally scratch or damage, will not show that nasty looking scratch because the colour goes all the way to the bottom. A kids vinyl flooring can be made by randomly choosing one colour or a pattern of colours.

Is a patterned vinyl flooring too much?

Here’s the fun part – it’s a kids bedroom, of course it won’t be! Kids are ruled by what they see and they are so much influenced by the colourful cartoon world which ultimately means the bigger the colourful mess – the greater the joy.

A bold colour on the floor

Choose a colour your kids love and paint the floors making them unforgettable and a real focal point of the room. Think a very powerful blue, green or bright pink if you have girls. To get the desired effect, match the bedding and the decorative elements with the floor colour. Ah, a piece of heaven for your kids bedroom. Since it’s mono-coloured, this choice of floor design allows the use of rugs, so if you are not exactly a fan of your kids sitting on bare vinyl, get a few differently shaped rugs in some complementing colour that won’t pop too much.

Children's nursery ideas

A fancy pattern

The flooring in your kid’s bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to be mono-coloured, you can always use more than one colour and create a pattern that the rest of the bedroom interior design will follow. How about nuances of purple mixed with beige to break the colourful overtaking of the room? While a mono-coloured floor choice supports the usage of rugs, patterned solutions do not really, so have that in mind too.