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Gifts Box Ideas for a New Mum (That She’ll Actually Use)

Since the pandemic first appeared, we’ve all learned to lead different lifestyles. Now, we celebrate b-days, milestones, and holidays differently. Staying safe is important in these unpredictable times but so is staying in touch with our friends and loved ones. Forgetting important dates is not acceptable, especially today when we can do it all online, from shopping groceries to celebrate important events. I admit it took me a bit of time to get used to congratulating without hugs and kisses but eventually, I got there. My secret – gift boxes and hampers. Easy to personalize and show some love. I recently sent one to my dear friend who’s a new mummy-to-be.

I remember that when we became new parents, our family and friends did a lot to show how much they love us. Many of them stopped by with baby stuff, hot meals, Starbucks gift cards, and other gifts to celebrate us and our new baby. Some of my girlfriends brought me things that were just for me. I have to confess that it was very nice to get something for myself during a time when the only thing I could think about was my baby.

gift box for mum

Now, whenever a friend of mine has a baby, I send a gift box with a bunch of things for her. Sending a new mum some thoughtful gifts is a great way of making her feel loved, and a little like herself again. I always look for a mum and baby gift box with products she will actually use and love. The last gift box that I sent had included a postpartum bath soak (to help heal and repair those tender areas that need extra love), an organic coconut body butter (a rich, creamy blend of natural and certified organic ingredients that absorbs instantly for incredibly soft skin) and a journal “Expect the Most Wonderful Things to Happen” (a beautifully designed journal with modern typography, striking artwork, bold sentiments and periodic typeset quotations).

I’ve also sent a gift box to another new mum, a friend of mine, to help make her breastfeeding experience more positive for her. In the gift box, there were breastfeeding mum affirmation cards that I simply loved. I believe every mum needs a little boost along the way while riding the motherhood roller-coater. The set of 25 inspirational cards do just that – it reminds mums what a wonderful job they are doing and how special they are. There were also breast pads, which are essential items for nursing mums, a breastfeeding tea to support nursing mums and help boost supply, and a nursing necklace that helps the busy little fingers play gently while focused on the important task of feeding.

nursing pads for mommy

Another great thing that I like about mum and baby gift boxes is that I don’t have to worry about which products to choose. Nowadays, there are many companies that offer a range of thoughtful gift box for new mums that includes a personal touch, and things that all moms would love. All I have to do is scroll through different collections and pick the perfect box to suit the taste and need of each mum and her baby.

When it comes to birthday and holiday gifts, I like to send edible bouquets. For me, no matter how much I know a person, choosing a present is always a struggle, especially when you’ve already exchanged a lot of gifts and are out of ideas. One of my favourite edible bouquets is a chocolate bouquet. These delicious treats are the perfect gift for both women and man and can be delivered either as a bouquet, a basket and a bucket. Depending on the giftee, I add a bottle of sparkling wine to the chocolate bucket to delight their tastebuds. I’ve also surprised a cousin of mine who loves drinking Corona beer, with a Corona and Belgian chocolate bouquet gift. He just loved it!

rainbow chocolate bouquet

Many will agree that flowers are a timeless gift choice, but for me, they are also too ordinary. So, instead of being predictable, I’ve decided to surprise my family and friends with a nice chocolate arrangement. Unique, delicious and versatile, these bouquets and container arrangements are quite appealing and can sure make anyone happy. Plus, they are edible. A traditional flower bouquet can be beautiful, but you can’t eat it for dessert. Chocolate bouquets are made with a selection of scrumptious chocolate ensuring that they are just as yummy as they are beautiful – a win-win combination.

Where to Buy Mum Gift Boxes and Edible Bouquets?

Sure, the easiest, most convenient and safest way to shop for a present like this is online. Online stores give you a clear picture of how the gift box or chocolate bouquet would look like. Plus, when shopping online, you can go through different gift options, compare different types, styles and prices. All that from the comfort of your home!