Barking Collars: The Training Tool in Teaching Small Dogs Self-Control

Kids and pets go well together, but my husband and I still haven’t given pet adoption as much thought even though Matthew has been insisting on getting a puppy for months now.

Spending time with Ethan and Noah and their Golden Retriever Uno certainly started the whole thing, I’m sure, no one can resist Uno’s charm, but if I ever decide on adopting, out of practical reasons I’d go for a small one. I just couldn’t muster the strength so far because of a bad experience I’ve had when I was a child, trying to pet an aggressive Shih Tzu.

Stop Barking Collar for Small Dogs


Kids will talk you into anything, and there I was a week ago, visiting a cousin I hadn’t seen in a long time so that Matthew would pet her Yorkshire Terrier Luna and I would finally conquer my fear of tiny dogs. Much to my surprise, the dog was friendly as can be, and we ended up enjoying our visit so much we started making plans when to meet up next.

As my cousin let me in on the story of her Luna, it was stop barking collar for small dogs that had a great role in the now calm behaviour. Treats may be helpful with training but not every dog responds the same way, so a collar comes in handy especially if there is some serious issue like excessive barking that is bothering owners and neighbours alike, day and night.

Stop Barking Collar for Small Dogs

As I’ve come to know, Luna’s stop barking collar for small dogs, the electronic type, helped teach her self-control with training starting from the lowest level 1 to the level 5 of static correction, and from the annoying bark-machine now she is a well-behaved beauty full of confidence and self-control, without the need to wear her training collar.

Unlike my previous thought about these collars, they work on a mild tingle or shock (depending on the level) which isn’t harmful but is useful enough to surprise the dog and stop the barking. I have to say it’s also an affordable solution when compared to hiring a dog trainer.

When a dog is barking all the time, other than irritating, it also badly affects its health, meaning it’s a deeper issue that has to be taken care of properly as soon as possible. It’s good that I know this now before having a dog of my own.

Who would have thought a training accessory like this would restore my trust in small dogs and make me consider adopting seriously.