The Lady, The Sock and The Environmental Talk

To pamper or not to pamper? Should that ever be a question? People who are in the know regrading my character, know that I have been cracking the self-appreciation nut far before the new age mantras became almost, if not completely mainstream. Yes, I do have a little rascal to take care of, but that doesn’t mean me time is over.

But I suppose you already know all that and know you’re wondering”What is she obsessing over this time?” Well, my dear ones, you’re not so far from the truth cause this winter I found a new way to push the envelope when it comes to comfort and well…style. It’s called ladies bamboo socks and they rock! If you’re wondering what a little sock can do to make you sing a happy mantra all day, I’d say – plenty.

First of all, being a somewhat neurotic perfectionist, I always detested deciding to go somewhere by foot, all dressed up and cute, only to discover my feet are a bit smelly now, and if I have Eliza over at my place after the coffee or shopping or just a walk, I immediately have to go to the bathroom, freshen up and change my socks. I’m not really sure whether my sense of smell is pretty strong, or my sense of “I must not smell like a human, only of flowers” – although I suspect the second one rings the bell a bit more precisely.

These new ladies bamboo socks I got are soo delicate, so soft and they don’t let your feet get all sweaty and smelly like other materials often do. Yes, I know I cold have just gotten cotton ones, but these are far more absorbent and softer to touch and may I say, a pleasure to watch! Another great thing about them is the fact that I am not only doing something for myself, but also for the environment. This is actually what really got me interested in exploring what other items I use on a daily basis could get a better twist by switching to bamboo. The answers is – towels and sheets.

Bamboo requires the least amount of pesticides, fertilizers and water for growth, all while, being able to grow really fast. By using bamboo, we can make sure animals don’t lose their habitat and we get to save some of the most important natural resources for future use.

In the light of these facts, it’s on my list to try out as many bamboo products as possible, this is especially important when it comes to Matthew and his towels and bedding because bamboo is hypoallergenic and has antibacterial properties. And of course, I’m also getting bamboo socks for all of us, my hubby is yet to be convinced the investment is worthwhile (chuckles).