LED Batten ceiling lights

LED Batten Ceiling Lights: The Right Upgrade for Your Home’s Lighting Scheme

The importance of good lighting at home is undeniable, whether you want to showcase some accent features, improve the functionality of your kitchen and office or illuminate dark corners. It also plays an essential role in the ambience and the interior décor as a whole. That said, don’t underestimate lighting when moving to a new home or trying to boost the value and beauty of your existing one.

In a world of options, it’s easy to get lost in designs and prices. If you like to stay on track with the trends that aren’t only beneficial for you, your home and your wallet, but also the environment, then you can’t overlook the LED batten ceiling lights. 

While you may mainly see them in commercial settings, they are just as fit for home use. In fact, as of late, more people have started welcoming them in their abodes, and we’re going to find out why that is in a bit.

LED Batten ceiling lights
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What Is Batten LED Light?

To put it simply, it’s a modernised tube-shaped version of fluorescent tubes or traditional track lights. You have the flexibility to use this type of light on its own or combined with other fixtures to create layers of lighting, properly illuminate your cosy nest, and master the art of elevating home décor. Since the design is easily surface-mounted, you won’t require special skills to install it yourself.

With new and updated technology, these LEDs are a far better option than the outdated fluorescents in every aspect, from energy efficiency and cost to heat production, lifespan, and brightness. The batten LED ceiling lights are impressive in all of these aspects and offer additional high visibility, no startup delay, no flickering, little upkeep, no toxic chemicals or UV radiation, and available customisation options thanks to dimmable features and colour choices.

Besides what I already mentioned, one guaranteed benefit is that you get to enhance your living area with something modern and stylish. This can make a difference in your overall décor as batten LEDs can feel at home in an industrial setting, as much as Scandi, minimalist, and eclectic décor.

LED Batten ceiling lights
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How to Choose the Right Batten LED Light?

Since it’s available in various models, linear and strip versions, being careful is a must when shopping to make sure you get the right one for your space and illumination requirements. It would be easier to tackle the shopping with the minimal hassle if you think about where you want to install such lighting and why.

For example, think about whether you’ll use it as the main lighting or as an accent or task lighting. It’s the ideal lighting choice for any of these three purposes. This would help you decide on single or double-tube fitting setups for your needs. Do you like to have your lights dimmable? In that case, your focus should be on dimmable ceiling lights out of all the options. Do you also like to have more colour options for creating more lighting effects on the ambience?

If this is the case, you should opt for the tri-colour models that range from warm white to daylight. Deciding on which room you want to use them for is just as essential as the requirements in the hallway are different from those of the office, kitchen, bathroom, garage, or any other utility space, like the attic, basement, or cellar.

These lights are just as fit and durable when added outside too, like with instances when you want to illuminate the balcony or deck at a fraction of the cost of traditional lights. However, since such an area is exposed to moisture, much like the kitchen and bathroom, for instance, you’re going to need to look into the IP rating as well. A waterproof LED batten with an IP rating of 65, for example, is excellent for areas of this sort.

Moreover, you have the chance to pick out from a range of sizes too, so whether you have a small or large area with a high ceiling, keep in mind there’s the right LED batten ceiling light for the job. If you have a room with fluorescent lights, this is the perfect chance for an upgrade that also doesn’t make for a complex project.

Another factor that can assist you with choosing is the width, as there are slimline and wide battens in addition to the standard. The wattage plays its role too and based on this plus the available space with its specific needs, you can select the right lighting setup, whether one consisting of more ceiling LEDs that are smaller and with lower wattage or one with few LEDs that have a higher wattage.