Stylish living room with huge tv cabinet

Room of the Day: How to Create a Living Room Made for Relaxing and Entertaining

Decorating an empty living room can feel intimidating, I know. With the many possibilities for furniture, accessories and decorations available, it can be challenging to know how to fill your space. There is also the fact that we all want something a little different to make our homes reflect our personalities and tastes in aesthetics. 

And let’s not forget that some living rooms can support different furniture than others due to differing spatial constraints. Even so, there are a few living room essentials that I believe belong in almost any space. From living room furniture to accessories and décor, this living room basics checklist may assist you in determining what your home needs are.


The furniture is by far the most significant component of the living room’s decor. Since it takes up the most space, it’s usually the first thing guests see when they enter your living room. While there are a variety of alternative arrangements, some pieces of living room furniture, in my opinion, are just necessary for any home.


Sleeper sofa in a living room

The sofa tends to be at the centre of the space, so this is a smart place to start when looking for living room furniture to establish a baseline for both budget and style. 

Functionality is the first consideration when choosing a sofa. How many people I want to be able to accommodate on this couch, for example, is a question you must ask yourself. A sectional can be the best option if your family is large. A smaller, more sturdy piece is definitely wiser if you’re a bachelor living in a bachelor pad or a couple living in a smaller flat. You can even consider a sleeper sofa for comfortable guest accommodation. 

When selecting a sofa, it’s also important to consider wear and tear. Do you have pets? Children? Do you frequently throw parties? Consideration of each of these issues is crucial while selecting upholstery. Different types of upholstery require different amounts of upkeep and cleaning, and some are more susceptible to stains than others. 

Additionally, think about the style trend you are establishing for your living room when you buy a particular sofa and whether you can design a fashionable and useful living space around it.

TV Cabinet 

Living room with a sofa and a huge tv cabinet in the middle

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy spending time with the family in the living room, sitting and watching your favourite TV shows. That said, it’s crucial that the interior design improves convenience, use, and viewing quality. The right TV cabinet will help transform your living room into a neat, organised, and soothing environment for everyone to enjoy. 

There is a wide range of TV cabinet solutions available on the market. To choose the right one, one feature you might want your TV cabinet to have is storage. It’s one of the most attractive aspects that everyone is drawn to. TV cabinets with storage, whether in the form of racks or drawers, allow you to organise your various items so that you can easily reach them. Everything will be much easier to arrange and your room won’t be cluttered, which will give the living area a nice appearance. 

When assessing your storage requirements, make sure to consider:

  • Shelves: Check the number of shelves available and their adjustability
  • Doors: Many wooden and metal doors must remain open while in operation because they block the passage of remote signals when they are closed. Infrared (IR) light may travel through most glass doors, and if they are tinted, the contents will be hidden.
  • Drawers: This allows for convenient access if you need to store remote controls, game controllers, and other small accessories.
  • Cable management: choose a TV stand with cable ports so you can neatly run wires through the rear of the stand

Before shopping for TV cabinets with storage, it’s a good idea to measure your living room because you want the TV unit’s size to match the size of the space. You need a unit that is around 20% longer in length than your TV to ensure that the TV can be mounted on a cabinet safely. If the cabinet is too tiny, you run the risk of knocking the TV off.

Coffee and Side Tables

Coffee tables are a common addition in many living rooms as they offer a central surface area for items like glasses, periodicals, TV remotes, and other items. To give their living space a more “open” vibe, some people use end tables rather than coffee tables. Although this is purely a question of taste, I believe coffee tables have a way of unifying a living room without overpowering it. 

Take your sofa and the size of your space into consideration when choosing a coffee table. While modern sofas or huge wrap-around sectionals can contain a square or circular table, enormous, long couches typically function best with long oval or rectangular tables. A round coffee table can also “soften up” a space that has a lot of sharp, square lines.



Cozy soft white rug in a living room

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you might want to add an area rug to your living room to give it a pleasant atmosphere. Floor rugs are wonderful complements to living rooms because they make spaces feel cosy and welcoming.

In order to find a rug that blends nicely with your room’s decor, choosing the right size is a must. A large rug could overpower your room, while a rug that is too small could make your room appear incomplete or badly planned. You need one that fits your space just right. The right size can greatly improve the final appearance and can completely match the interior. 

Finding a rug that fits the desired seating area rather than the entire room is a good rule of thumb when buying one. You should also allow a few centimetres between the wall and the rug’s edge to delineate the seating area, regardless of whether you opt to put all of the furniture on the rug or just the front legs of each item.

When deciding on a rug’s texture, foot traffic is a crucial consideration. Your best idea is to purchase an all-wool, sisal, or cotton flatweave rug if you often use that space or have pets and kids because these materials can handle traffic the best. For more luxurious rugs, like silk or antique rugs, for more traditional living spaces that are best watched and not touched. For a more economical choice, look for a rug that is made of a combination of synthetic silk and wool.

Choosing the colours and patterns is where the fun of shopping for floor rugs begins. Think about rugs with a unique pattern and a balance of highs and lows. A patterned rug can not only add interest to the room but also cover blemishes and other imperfections. Set a solid ground tone, though, if you decide to use layers. Consider choosing neutral tones when selecting vibrant rugs because they may go with practically any colour in the colour wheel.


Curtains, also known as drapes, are well renowned for being the key component of a beautifully decorated room. And living rooms are no different. Draperies are a great way to give your living room personality. Try using a striking colour or pattern that doesn’t compete with the other elements of the design but adds some life to the space.

Pillows and Throw Blanket

Close-up of Pillows and Throw Blanket

Nothing beats curling up to watch a movie with your loved ones and pulling out your favourite throw blanket. Throws also help highlight your sofa and breathe life into your living space by utilising colour schemes. The same can be said for accent pillows. You’d be astonished at how much personality a living area can gain by simply adding a few well-selected cushions.