Permanent Makeup For A Fabulous You 24/7

Would you ever get your eyebrows tattooed? I had, and I’m glad I did.

It all happened suddenly. I woke up one morning looking as if a rat was running in my hair, with puffy eyes and literally no colour in my face; you’d think I was up all night working in the fields. My 10-month old boy had trouble falling asleep because of tummy aches, which means mommy was up trying to calm his pain and get him to sleep. Meaning, I got to bed at 4 in the morning and woke up at 9.

I will not even start on how hard it is to function after a lousy 5-hour sleep, but I definitely will complain about the way I looked without my beauty sleep. One word – terrible! And we women know how much damage a terrible morning look can do to your self-confidence (and maybe even your marriage). I had to do something ASAP.

And that got me thinking – getting up before my husband to put a little makeup on my face so that I look at least decent when he wakes up, wasn’t a in-for-the-long-haul option. I needed a permanent fix, so I did what I do best – research on possible solutions for the problem. And guess what, I discovered cosmetic tattoo permanent makeup. Does this mean I could look just like I look when I wear makeup all the time? According to information and various testimonies from other women, it sure does! The only question I had was why I haven’t done it sooner?

In a nutshell fellow busy, dying-to-look-amazing-all-the-time mums, cosmetic tattoo permanent makeup comes down to a very simple procedure that doesn’t hurt, nor takes a lot of time (mine took a couple of hours), which I know you don’t have (at least I don’t). As a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing, the point is to enhance and correct facial features permanently by implanting pigment into the top layer of the skin, so you don’t need to draw your eyebrows for example, every day. And it looks so natural! Of course, you need to find a good practitioner that is certified to do cosmetic tattoo. It doesn’t hurt to ask around for experiences; it is what I did. And I am super happy and more than satisfied with the outcome. My eyebrows are more defined and above all visible.

Cosmetic tattoo permanent makeup may sound a little unconventional and for some even unhygienic, but in its core, it is nothing alike. There’s no makeup you need to clean every night, you’ll just have bolder and more beautifully shaped eyebrows, perfect eyelashes that don’t need a ton of mascara to be noticed, and an enhanced lip line (the one we all want and spend hours to achieve it, and eventually don’t make it). It is a worry-free convenience ladies, and the best part, my husband is more than happy to see his beautiful wife in the morning looking her best. So, chin chin to the lovely mornings ahead!