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Ergonomic Mattress: The Ideal Choice for People with Lower Back Pain

Your body goes through a lot of stress throughout the day. Although a sit-stand desk can help you combat the long hours spent sitting, your long work schedule still puts a toll on your back. And this gets worse when you sleep on a mattress that has not been designed to revive your body.

It’s common for people to choose a mattress based on comfort and forget their health issues or routine. The majority never question the salesman if the mattress will sync with their hectic routine. Mattresses that lack support for the spine and muscles, put a lot of strain not only on the back but also on the whole body. This means you should consider all the factors before buying a new mattress.

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Ergonomic Mattresses for the Win!

When looking for a mattress that offers both comfort and back support, one word to keep in mind is ergonomic. Ergonomic mattresses are very firm mattresses that provide improved support for the hips, neck, back, and wherever else need it. They are designed and manufactured to relieve the continual stress created by the pressure points in ordinary mattresses. And contrary to what many think, they aren’t just for individuals with chronic back pain. In fact, everyone could benefit from sleeping on an ergonomic mattress every night.

One well-known brand of ergonomic mattresses is Mlily. It’s a brand popular for its partnership with Manchester United. Some of their products feature trendy materials like bamboo charcoal and CBD infused fabric, which is a major differentiator over many other mattress options. The brand blends these materials with foam focused mattress with and without coils.

Mlily features 5 foam and 3 hybrid series. The hybrid series combines the best foam and innerspring technologies and is designed for regenerative sleep. The mattresses feature either a soft and breathable jacquard knit or cooling cover. The top layer provides plush comfort and features the brand’s patented AirCell technology. With corner to corner support, there will be less tossing and turning with Mlily mattresses.

The foam series feature a cooling to Ice Cool cover, AirCell technology, and high performing memory foams, and is designed specifically for full-body pressure relief. Phase changing material absorbs and releases heat during the night to regulate your temperature.

If you are asking yourself if is Mlily a good mattress, here are three great reasons to choose Mlily. First, almost every Mlily mattresses series include advanced cooling technology – from their AirCell technology to charcoal-infused foam, to built-in fans. This means, if you have trouble regulating your temperature while you sleep, Mlily is a great choice for you.

Second, not only does Mlily features multiple mattress models, but the brand also covers a broad spectrum of price ranges, which allows you to shop luxury at a price that is suitable for your wallet.

And third, Mlily creates adjustable bed bases that are specifically designed to maximize the comfort and support each Mlily mattress provides. So, if you’re looking also for a quality base to complement your mattress, Mlily may be the right choice.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy with an ergonomic mattress:

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Improved Posture

Ergonomic mattresses allow the body weight to be distributed evenly, removing pressure points that can cause pain. Due to their extra-firm characteristic, they mould to the curves of your body, providing excellent lumbar support. This is especially important because sleeping with your spine in a curved position for a prolonged period of time can cause serious damage.

Better Support

By hugging every centimetre of your body it makes contact with, an ergonomic mattress provide superior support than an average mattress. Many mattresses available on the market, are too soft, and this creates pressure points along your body where they don’t “push back” enough. The design of ergonomic mattresses helps relieve the tension at these pressure points, allowing your body aches to heal.

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Improved Sleep Quality

Many individuals who use sleep aids in an attempt to get better sleep would do better by purchasing an ergonomic bed. One common reason for struggling to fall asleep is being physically uncomfortable or even in pain. In some cases, pain is so constantly that you become unconsciously aware of it. However, it can still be the reason why you can’t sleep. An ergonomic mattress allows you to get as comfortable as possible so that you can relax into a deep, sustainable sleep.

Pain Relief

The insufficient support of a traditional mattress put a lot of stress on your neck, spine and back over the hours you spent sleeping (or trying to). Ergonomic mattresses remove this stress by giving your spine and muscles an opportunity to recover, hence preventing future issues from arising.

If your mattress sags visibly in the middle or is no longer comfortable, it may be time to purchase a new one. Putting boards under a sagging mattress to keep it from sagging in the middle is only a short-term solution for the sagging – a new mattress is still needed and an ergonomic one may be a great option!