Bathroom with Black and White Colour Palette

Add a Dash of Cool Sophistication and Bring Classic Style to Your Bathroom with Black and White Colour Palette

Is re-doing your bathroom on your new year’s resolution list for 2022? If so, you may be looking for ideas on which style to go for. As you may know, the choices of colours schemes and styles are infinite.

However, if you want to achieve a look that’s both contemporary and classic at the same time, nothing can beat the elegant and effortless stylish black and white style.

Black and White – Timeless Colour Palette That Oozes Elegance

Black and White - Timeless Colour Palette That Oozes Elegance

This amazing design never goes out of fashion and is one of the most versatile around, fitting perfectly to both country cottages and modern apartments. The combination of the dramatic and bold black with the delicate and calm white has the power to provide a room with a unique serenity, making it the perfect choice for any bathroom.

Like with anything in the decor world, there is the right and wrong way to use black and white in the bathroom. Done right, the colour combination can look elegant, powerful, simple and refined. Done wrong, it can feel overwhelming and tasteless. Let’s take a look at some design tips for how you should use back and withe in your bathroom.

Go With a Black Bathtub

Black tub

Have you ever thought about a black bathtub in your bathroom? If you are not willing to commit to black walls or tiles, maybe a black bathtub in a sea of white would be more to your taste. Often overlooked, a black bathtub is a showstopper that never fails.

Are black tubs in style, you may ask? Yes, they are. Thanks to the much bolder designs available, black bathtubs have become a trendy way to create the perfect white and black blend mystery without making the space look too crammed, like in the past where black bathtubs were fitted in a bathroom with stark black tiles and black vanities.

With freestanding bathtubs becoming a common presence in contemporary bathrooms again, it’s time to consider giving your bathroom that much-needed makeover with a hint of dramatic flair. Nowadays, you can find a range of modern black bathtub models that are unique, elegant and fits in surprisingly well with many kinds of style and decorating themes.

Although freestanding bathtubs are available in a wide range of colours, a black one has a mysticism that modest white baths seem to lack. When placed in a contemporary bathroom dropped in a white colour pallet, it’s sure to stand out visually. But the presence of a black bathtub can do much more than just add visual contrast. It can also anchor the space, and when paired with a painted window frame, floating shelves or even a vanity in a similar shade, it can lead to a black and white background in the bathroom with ease.

Black bathtubs make a great addition to minimalist and monochrome bathroom decors. You can consider combining a black bathtub with white subway tiles on the wall and hexagonal mate tiles on the floor, like in the picture below.

This combination will surely add depth and detail to any bathroom. Finish the look with a wooden vanity top and white basins. This will prevent the bathroom from looking too dark.

Consider Wallpaper as an Alternative to Tiles

Wallpaper in bathroom

You may not have tough about it, but it is a fantastic choice. Using a black and white patterned wallpaper for bathroom walls instead of tiles can help you bring a whole new dimension of versatility to the room, not to mention that it is a much affordable option. Also, if you are not sure you are ready to commit to black and with patterns permanently, wallpaper can easily be swapped out if your tastes change down the road. Even if you really had your heart set on tiles, know that you can get extremely beautiful wallpaper for bathroom walls that looks like tiles or brick that will cost you a fraction of the price. Easier to install, quicker and cheaper, wallpaper can be the perfect option to dress your bathroom wall.

When decoring with wallpaper in the bathroom, you can choose whether to cover the whole room or just one wall that will be the focal point of the whole space. If you decide to wallpaper your whole bathroom, look for waterproof wallpaper, which is specially designed for high humidity areas and even wipeable should anything get on it.

Using standard bathroom wallpaper can cause problems since moisture and humidity might cause it to peel. However, this problem can be easily fixed by sealing the wallpaper with a clear varnish. Once the wallpaper is hung, you brush a thin coat of the varnish to protect and seal the wallpaper. A water-based, dead flat clear varnish won’t add shine to your wallpaper, but if you choose a wallpaper with a sheen or if you want to add sheen to your wallpaper, you could go with satin or gloss varnish.

Some forms of waterproof wallpaper use a thick vinyl coating to deflect moisture. Whichever type of waterproof wallpaper you choose, you can be confident that you’ll have a wall covering that’ll stand up to the daily rigours of the bathroom. And they can be installed absolutely anywhere in the bathroom, even directly in the shower or behind a bath.

Use Gold Accents

Gold Accents  in bathroom

Adding gold accents to your black and white bathroom will add a wow factor to the decor. Although the black and white combination looks chic on its own, pairing it with gold accents is an incredible way to achieve the high-end hotel look on your own home.

Use Statement Lighting

Use Statement Lighting

When you use only black and white to design a bathroom, you run the risk of creating an overly cold space. One simple and effective way to add both warmth and style to your bathroom is by installing statement lighting, like a chandelier instead of a simple light fixture. The right lighting has the power to elevate any home decor. The light fixture can be black or chrome, whatever pleases you more and it should stand out without sticking out.

Add Greenery

Add Greenery in bathroom

If your black and white bathroom is looking overly dark add some greenery to enlighten the space. Plants in wood or white ceramic planters not only add to the decor but also brings instantly liveliness to a dark space. If your bathroom lacks a large window, consider choosing easy, humidity-loving plants that can thrive in low light.