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Mum to Be: Treat Yourself Pre and Postpartum with the Right Products

Becoming a mum has been one of my biggest wishes since before I even started dating or dreamed of getting married. Getting in the role of Matthew’s mum has certainly helped me grow in more ways I could have possibly imagined – one of them was increasing my low pain tolerance.

I used to be the kind of woman who would often complain about her painful menstruation cramps, the unbearable PMS symptoms and headaches… boy, was I weak. Besides the birthing experience, the painful postpartum period also contributed to my strength enhancement, but I also couldn’t have managed to pull it through without a set of useful mum to be essentials.

Expecting mums prepare for months prior to the arrival of their children. As part of this preparation, most pile up on all the onesies, nappies and sleeping nest, along with other fun and practical nursery items they could get. However, if you want my advice to make this the best experience possible, think of yourself too.

Since many of your relatives and friends would provide you with lots of new mum gifts and boxes during the baby shower, you need to take care of yourself to feel good at this important phase in your life. Not to mention, some items would come in handy with providing you a speedy postpartum recovery you’d certainly be after. The following are some of the items I found to be useful.

Afterbirth Sitz Bath

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Treating your V is imperative! Of course, it’s natural to forget about yourself when you’ve welcomed your bundle of joy into this world. Yet, as you pour all your attention to this delicate and unprotected little human, you overlook the fact your body went through a hard work of labouring and needs care and time to heal.

Postpartum sitz soaks are truly Godsent mum to be essentials considering they can be of immense help with this as they’re created to heal those terrible tears of vaginal delivery, while also reducing swelling, stimulating the blood flow, and fighting infection. This is possible thanks to the incredible natural ingredients they consist of, such as chamomile, calendula, lavender, and yarrow flowers known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

If you can’t possibly treat yourself to this luxury (in case you’re spending more time at the hospital, or you simply have no time for any kind of baths), you might find the alternative sitz spray to be helpful. Simply spritz a little on the pad, add it to your panties, and get the soothing relief you require.

Pre and Post Childbirth Perineum Strips

picture of a pregnant woman
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Not that I’m trying to scare mommas to be but we need more honesty about the non-glamorous parts of childbirth, and when I say this mainly I mean the perineal tears. If you want to avoid the pain, and the healing process afterwards, my advice is to take the time needed to show your perineum some care before the birthing to prevent or minimise the risk.

Perineal massage is of utmost help, and you can do it whenever you see fit during your pregnancy. It might even spice things up in the bedroom if you ask your spouse or partner to massage you – the fun doesn’t have to end for you two now that there’s a baby on the way!

Moreover, learning some birthing positions would assist you too pre-birth, and so will having maternity products in the likes of perineum strips that would come in handy during birth (specifically second stage labour), as well as post-birth. Not to mention they’re also your solution for post-partum haemorrhoids and even offer relief for SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).

Underpads and Briefs

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You’re probably aware after birth you’re going to be bleeding, so you must be prepared to stay clean all the time. Underpads, along with proof briefs, would prove to be your hospital and home mum to be essentials, so don’t leave them out of your checklist. As it’s different for every woman, this period might take you anywhere between four to six weeks.

You’re also going to appreciate the briefs with staying hygienic during those light bladder leaks. In case you have a C section delivery, I’d suggest getting hygienic and breathable disposable mesh briefs that would help out with the skin recuperation.

Belly Bands

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As a woman’s body goes through a wide range of changes throughout pregnancy to accommodate for the baby, organs and muscles need support post-partum to go back to their pre-baby places. While many women consider them to be unnecessary, maternity support bands can be of huge help especially in the first month or two after the delivery.

The multi-beneficial items they are, you’d appreciate having them during your pregnancy too as they offer the appropriate support for the growing bump. To ensure you get the right support, and fit, and prevent wearing the band too tight (this has the counter-effect of slowing healing), it’s important to carefully check and consider the sizes when shopping. When in doubt, ask the shop or retailers for help.