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Work Uniforms: Never-Changing Professionalism in a Changing Workplace

Though we’re all aware of the financial rewards work brings about, there are benefits that go beyond this. When you work it gives you a purpose, fills your days with productiveness so you get a sense of accomplishment, a sense of being useful if you will, which in turn positively affects the health and well-being.

It’s no surprise there are such high numbers of depression among retirees. Yes, I’m sure we all have our lazy days when we’d much rather stay at home and do nothing but nothing beats the work routine, the benefits of knowing you produce something, earning your own money and socialising with co-workers.

This is enhanced when you work a job you love, instead of working something merely out of financial reasons. You can’t deny there’s also a sense of responsibility, regardless of what the job may be, especially when you get to wear a uniform. I’ve always appreciated uniforms, there’s an air of professionalism about them that never changes despite the fact the workplace is constantly changing.

Though not having a uniform myself, I’m impressed by the vast world of uniforms for work, the different materials used, the designs, the accessories, all this with a touch of stylishness; even my two boys have come to share this feeling of mine, dreaming of having uniforms of their own one day same as their daddy.

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Since my husband doesn’t care much about what he’s wearing, he didn’t have much to say about his own uniform which is why he gave me the honours of having the final word in the purchase. Considering many of us take comfort for granted, especially at the workplace, I couldn’t help but let comfort lead the decision-making process.

I focused on the fabrics primarily having softness, flexibility, breathability and moisture-wicking in mind so of course I chose 100% premium cotton uniforms for work which also happened to be a perfect choice in terms of easy care as well.

I certainly have come not to like synthetics, more so when having sustainability in mind, but if you simply must have synthetics then my advice is to opt for a blend of polyester and cotton to reap the aforementioned benefits. If you’re a person who likes to express a bit of the personality through clothing there’s always the help of accessories you can count on, be it a hat, neck scarf, pins or badges.

Best of all is the options of uniforms nowadays have plenty to offer of style too so you look fashionable along with professional. My husband may not care much about fashion but he sure likes the fact I love how he looks in his new uniform that I helped pick!