Beyond Window Dressing: Update a Room in an Instant with Curtains and Blinds

When you enter a room, the design harmony you feel is created by a careful selection of style and colours of the main and largest design elements: the seating furniture, the carpet, the walls and the window covers. If one of these elements isn’t in a harmonious connection with the rest, the picture you’ll see will be eye-soaring at the very least. In this post, I’ll concentrate on window covers; they’re often neglected, but when you enter a room, they’re actually the thing that attracts the attention most.

If your windows aren’t dressed, your room isn’t entirely designed. Unless you have glass walls, in which case dressing can be questionable. In any other situation, you simply need to add covers. And when it comes to choosing the right cover type, you can either choose blinds or curtains. Both have their advantages, but not both fit in every room design. The offer of curtains and blinds online is truly wide, so before you decide to purchase yours, make sure you do a detailed analysis of your room design and features so you can choose the best option. Here’s how each type can contribute to the update of your rooms:

  • Blinds are the sturdier option of the two. They can be made of cloth, but in most types they have a sturdy support frame behind the cloth that goes up and down along with the cloth. They can be made of bamboo as well, and in some cases of wood. There are also the ones made of metal or plastic. According to the type of material used, in many curtains and blinds online offers you can find Roman blinds and Venetian blinds, which are among the most popular types. Roman blinds are a little more chic and fancy, and can be a great addition to any vintage style room, something more loose and cute, but still modern. Venetians, on the other hand, are a little more sophisticated and they’d complement better a room with a sharp and modern style with a lot of metalic elements and strong classy colours.
  • Curtains are amazing for their simplicity and ease of combining by colour with your furniture or walls. Use curtains if you prefer the more traditional way of dressing your windows as they will add a certain classy tone to your room, or, if you make the right choice, a romantic niche. This goes especially for the bedroom, where you want your privacy and sun block on Sundays, but you also want a dose of sunlight entering the room. While there are tons of fabric designs and choices for curtains, I’d suggest you keep it simple; after all, these are a large style element in the room and as I already mentioned, you can easily create a colour disaster if you make a mistake. Choose something like polyester, something that is easy to maintain and in a neutral colour that will simply accentuate your wall colour like nuances of white, grey or beige. Avoid the strong, screaming colours as these are hard to match with the overall room design and can overcrowd the place.