Cosmetic Dentistry: Restore the Beauty of Your Smile and Increase Your Self-Esteem

Before you become a parent, you have all the time in the world to do some pampering, without having too many things on your mind. I’m not saying you don’t have worries of some sort, but when you do become a parent, all of a sudden you find yourself responsible for someone else’s life, so most of your worries shift to worries about your bundle of joy, and you can forget about pampering yourself the first few months.

When I say pampering, I also mean things teeth-related. Fact is I’m very focused on my smile, I love smiling as much as making people smile, so I’ve developed a smile-memory, remembering people for their teeth.

Smile being the first thing I notice about others, it’s needless to say I am very self-conscious about mine, that is I was until Matthew was born, and what came to my rescue were the cosmetic dental Melbourne professionals have tonnes of experience with.

The reason cosmetic dental services continue growing in popularity is because dazzling smiles are no longer the secret self-esteem ingredient of celebrities only. Who doesn’t want to have the perfect smile, am I right? There’s nothing cosmetic dentistry can’t fix, be that stained, chipped, misshaped, worn out, or missing teeth.


When you’re pregnant, it’s another story. I was aware of the quality of nutrition I’d have to have, so the baby would have the sufficient amount of calcium, and wouldn’t “steal” mine in case my diet didn’t provide it, but what I didn’t know was the damage I could cause to my teeth by brushing them immediately after the morning sickness.

My morning sickness, though not nearly as serious as the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and her condition of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, wasn’t strictly morning, as it happened several times throughout the day.

Right after every time I’d vomit, I’d immediately brush up, and that “healthy”habit not only cost me my teeth’s enamel, but also caused more cavities, and what I dreaded the most – fractures. Lesson learned. A word of advice to mummies to be is to only rinse with a mixture of water and baking soda after vomiting.

After losing hope on the health and beauty of my smile, the solution for my fractured teeth came from the help of services in the likes of cosmetic dental Melbourne dentists are so skilled at. My happiness was restored thanks to crowns, and you want to know the best part? No one can tell the difference between my own teeth and the crowns; that’s how happy I am with cosmetic dentistry!

I know not many are pleased about dentists, but I can certainly say I am one of the few who do. So, whatever tooth problem you’re having, it’s nothing dentists and their skills can’t fix.