semi automatic external defibrillator

Safer Home: Make AED Part of Your First Aid Equipment

Life is too precious yet not many of us take the time to really think about it and start appreciating it truly for what it is.

I get sad when I see how most people only realise this when it’s rather late so I always live to the fullest, making the most of health and well-being habits, doing lots of hiking, balancing between work and family, and cherishing the relationships with those I hold nearest and dearest while trying to have fun as much as possible.

If you’re wondering why I’m saying this out of nowhere, where this wisdom and emotions come from, it was an event in my family that made me reflect upon the matter, my uncle who I almost lost because of sudden cardiac arrest.

He almost got to be one of the 30.000 Australians who die of this cause yearly which according to statistics is the biggest killer in Australia, but he had the luck to have an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) at home and my aunt’s immediate reaction saved him.

Apart from being inspired to be grateful for everything in life, it’s also inspired me to upgrade my home’s first aid equipment with a semi automatic external defibrillator because it’s the kind of aid that prevents death once the cardiac arrest happens so it’s always best to keep one within reach.

What I like about the defibrillator I bought is how lightweight it is, 1.1kg specifically, meaning it’s portable and even my sons could operate it, and best of all is it’s suitable for both adult and pediatric use.

On the plus side too it’s user-friendly with an easy-to-operate system though I made sure both my husband and I read the instructions well right after the purchase so we’d know how to operate it if ever needed. With adequate training we were also able to teach our sons how to use it though they know a defibrillator isn’t a toy and as such isn’t to be played with.

The system that’s always ready to use, functioning by analysing a person’s heart and determining if a shock is needed (no accidental shocks!), also automatically runs self-checks weekly which is what I also like about the semi automatic external defibrillator. Thanks to this property it won’t take long for it to alert in case there’s some problem with the system.

If you haven’t made this investment yet think of how a person’s life depends on the first-responder. It’s the first reaction that counts so make your home safer with AED!