Tiny but Mighty Changes Can Turn an Ugly Bathroom Around

In the midst of the love-and-stress-induced daze of raising two boys back-to-back, I managed to get back to reality just long enough to realize how much I dislike our bathroom. Compared with the clean, streamlined design of the rest of the rooms, the bathroom looked like it came from another house. The tiles with the dated checkerboard design, the faucets with a cheap chrome finish, Hawaii-inspired shower curtain, and the plastic toilet holder all screamed “trashy”. But luckily, tiny changes were more than enough to turn a small space like the bathroom around. If you love the thought of owning an expensive bathroom but don’t quite like the idea of spending a fortune to get one, here’s how to do it.

Purge the Plastics

Think of it this way: Would you have plastic bowls and cups in your kitchen, and a plastic stool in your living room? No way, right? So, why is your bathroom overflowing with ugly plastic accessories? It’s because they’re cheap, that’s why. But cheap also means poor quality, which is why these accessories are due for a replacement every couple of months. So, after saying farewell to all the unsightly plastics, go on the hunt for accessories such as soap dispensers, towel hangers, and toilet roll holders online made of durable materials such as oak, brass, or even stone and leather. It’s been a year since my bathroom has been plastic-free, and I haven’t replaced a thing, which is a great sign.

Upgrade the Hardware

Replacing the tiles might not be within your budget, but you’d be surprised how cheap and quick it is to swap out an old faucet or shower head. Not only will newer bathroom hardware improve the aesthetics of the space, but it can also help you reduce your water expenses if you opt for a low-flow model or a simple aerator. Nickel finishes are some of the more attractive options for modern bathrooms, but if you like a more vintage touch, consider faucets with a bronze finish.

Drop the Curtain

Sure, you can always go for the good-old shower curtain if you like but getting a glass shower enclosure is certainly more glamorous-looking. Whether it’s clear or master carre, glass brings a certain gleaming element that makes the room look more expensive. Plus, getting a little steamy during your shower can truly create a spa-like feel.

Harness the Power of Light

Lighting can make or break your selfie game, so, it’s no wonder it can also influence the look of any room. Replacing poor lighting can do wonders for the bathroom and it’s often cheap and easy to do. For your overhead fixtures, the best thing you can do is choose bulbs that are closest to natural light, like for instance 2700K LEDs. Of course, a dim, natural light is more calming and romantic, but some of your bathroom routines require stronger illumination. For more functionality, you can choose to install additional task lighting, like for instance mirror fixtures, with brighter bulbs around 150 watts or the equivalent. Or ultimately, installing a dimmer can allow you to have the best of both worlds.

All things considered, you deserve a bathroom that’s not only functional but a true extension of the beauty of your home. And if creating one means browsing through hundreds of toilet roll holders online just to find the perfect match – it’s definitely worth the challenge.