Better Safe Than Sorry: Laptop Hard Case is a Lifesaver (Literally)

Remember when I almost fainted when Matthew spilled wine over my Mac? I was really stressed in that moment because I didn’t know what will happen to the laptop and whether the IT guys from the service will manage to save my work. I now you may think I’m exaggerating, but trust me, when you have an entire folder of files with the projects you drew, sketched and organized yourself, worrying about stress is the least of your problems.

Anyway, I have this project to finish in Brighton, which is about 30 minutes away from Melbourne, and I have to go there to finalize the looks and the furniture placement in a wonderful vintage home I’m designing. The house belongs to a lovely couple from Sydney who recently moved there. They have two little boys which are a bit older than Matthew. And I must say – these kids…they’re oh so lively. Let’s just say that whenever I need to visit them in Brighton, I make sure that my laptops aren’t anywhere near them. As much as that’s possible though.

I had to take a lot of equipment with me this time; the project costs quite a lot and I really wanted to devote all my energy to it. And when I have to travel away with my laptop and other equipment like samples and stuff, I want to be sure that I won’t go back home all nervous because I have to buy a new laptop or take the old one to repair it because of my, or God forbid, someone’s negligence. Plus, a bumpy road could do way more damage than you could possibly think. So, I wanted to get something like a hard case for laptops that works just like a strong box and perfectly protects the laptop so I don’t have to think about its safety while I’m driving.

I prefer hard cases more than soft ones because they’re a lot safer. A hard case is usually made with 10 millimetres A grade laminated ply with aluminium angles and joining hybrids. Many think that this isn’t a stylish laptop case which is why they so ignorantly skip it. Because of their sturdy construction, these cases offer a ‘leather look’ profile, which is absolutely stylish. Now, it is a little big, but that’s only because inside it features a stand for a laptop, plus, it has room for another small appliance or device. I also found hard cases that are designed to fit two or more laptops at a time, and as such are perfect for architects, IT people and engineers who may need to travel with more than one laptop at a time.

The safety of sophisticated equipment is of the highest importance not just for me, but to everyone I believe. Nobody likes to put at risk a thousand dollars worth of laptop, better yet two of them. Additionally, no one likes to put at risk their entire work they’ve spent days working on. Bottom line is, I got myself a hard case for my precious Mac, so I don’t have to go through another mini ‘heart attack’ if accidentally one of the little ones spills a glass of juice on the table. I’m certainly not going through that hell again. You know what they say – better safe than sorry!