Hamptons Home Decor: How to Pull It Off

I’ve always been a fan of the Hamptons interior design. My admiration dates way back to the days before I was even considering working with home décor. Though it suits the French Provincial well, it’s not to be confused with it because Hamptons actually originated on Long Island, New York and happens to be less ornate than the particularly detailed French.

Considering the fact that coastal, neutral, ocean and beach-inspired colours predominate, along with natural materials and natural light as some of the main features, this design style is easy to love if you want to create a vibrant, airy and calming home with a summer feel. Although I can’t afford to buy a home on Long Island (at least for now), I can always dream of living in one by bringing the coastal vibe in my abode to evoke that beauty. Trust me, it’s really easy to recreate the Hamptons home decor when you’ve got the ideal pieces to count on.

What’s best about it is you don’t have to fully incorporate it to make the most of it. You don’t necessarily have to go for a full Hamptons furniture look if you don’t have the budget for it because it’s the kind of design that can easily fit in existing designs, and you can mix it up with various styles. It’s beachy and casual, yet at the same time it’s also sophisticated which is why it suits the Australian laidback lifestyle so well!

Accessorise with Hamptons Decor Pieces

hamptons home decor
source: Merino Homes

This is the easiest way to welcome the style in your nest without breaking your bank since there are lots of bits and pieces of Hamptons home decor to choose from to get the wanted outcome. I personally love small items such as jars, frames, hooks, clocks, mirrors and bookends with coastal motifs because they simply fill up any corner, table, bookstand or empty space with a dose of stylishness. And the best part of it all is that with the help of these pieces, you can add a dose of Hamptons in any part of your home!

Don’t forget that flowers are also a perfect solution when it comes to uplifting a room, and if you aren’t exactly proud of your gardening skills, there’s the faux plant alternative. Nowadays, there are many options that appear so natural that you won’t even be able to tell the difference. I can’t keep my eyes off my faux bouquet of white roses and pink sweetpeas in the turquoise vase located on the entryway console, and the pair of potted fiddle trees beside the living room sofa.

Choose the Right Colours

hamptons style kitchen
source: TLC Interiors

Same as with the French Provincial, the Hamptons style is characterized by its predominance of white tones. You can also make way for soft blues, greens, neutral greys and sand hues to complement the existing decor. You can choose these in light and dark tones, considering the fact that light ones can make your home feel airy whereas dark ones add a dose of sophistication.

In case you don’t like your walls to be entirely white, my suggestion is to create an accent wall. You can paint it in one of the complementary colours I mentioned to break the monotony, or you can add a wallpaper or a mural with a coastal theme. Although my walls are all in soft whites, I incorporated blues and greens in the form of linen cushions, rugs and curtains to bring out nature in layers and introduce more varied textures as defining elements.

You could also use the furniture to add a colourful splash to your interior. You can go for materials like rattan and oak to bring in more of the warmth that wooden natural tones provide. If you can’t afford to do a full makeover, just a piece in the style would suffice. I pride myself on my white armchair with blue stripes beside the bookstand in my home office.

Consider the Lighting

hamptons home decor
source: Pinterest

Light plays a huge role in the Hamptons home decor, so you can’t go wrong by focusing on using light as one of the main features. The easiest way to make your interior brighter is to make the most out of your stylish lighting fixtures, such as lamps, pendants or chandeliers. Strategically place them near features you’d like to accentuate, like artworks and furniture.

Of course, natural light is more than welcome and big windows are always an easy trick. However, if you don’t have that many windows or the symbolic window with a seat, you can add a large artwork with a coastal landscape, or try to make use of the natural light in the best way you can by reflecting it with mirrors. The great thing about mirrors is that they can make your home seem bigger and more luxurious.