ladies casual shoes

Be You: Wear Casual

If there’s one thing motherhood has taught me for life it’s how to be casual. It’s not just a thing that has to do with the appearance, but rather my attitude and personality as a whole also and I’ve come to like and appreciate this casual Jade; it reflects in everything I do, in every person I meet and every project I get.

Constantly receiving compliments from my husband and my clients certainly is a great sign that I’m on the right path, and it motivates me to keep on improving. What does it mean to be casual, you ask?

ladies casual shoes

The Appearance

Though I don’t work from home I still get to spend a significant amount of time in it but that doesn’t mean I like hanging around from the sofa to the armchair in my pj’s. There are still things to do, meals to cook, toys to sort, groceries to pick out, trash to take out, so I stick to my pair of comfy ladies casual shoes that I’ve grown to love, especially sandals and sneakers, as they help ease off fatigue even when I’m running errands.

Likewise, I choose to wear them most of the time because there’s no swelling and no sign of aches and pains. Of course, they go well with my day to day outfits too and best of all is I don’t waste precious time in trying to find what to wear. Some of my favourite and quick combinations include a honey coloured cardigan that I’ve worn since my early days of pregnancy, the gold sandals with heel support, built-in triple density and forefoot cushioning, plus the black joggers.

Tees and jeans are also regular in my wardrobe, and depending on how hot the weather is shorts or maxi dress for summer, whereas for winter I prefer my woollen long jacket that goes well with both a pair of sneakers and boots.

When it comes to accessorising, I used to adore wearing all sorts of jewellery and hair accessories though out of practical reasons I now stick to sunglasses, necklaces, earrings and bracelets depending on the outfit.

ladies casual shoes

The Attitude

Since I’ve made the transition from looks solely to comfort which can be seen in my choice of ladies casual shoes and clothing, my attitude has come to match this new me as a result too. Prior to this, I was a person always worried about time which explains why wearing a watch was a constant and so was glancing at it often during the day, followed by taking things all too seriously, relaxing only occasionally during the weekend, rarely reflecting on myself, family and friends.

Same as most individuals nowadays, stress was usually a daily component but being casual taught me it’s possible to come to a state of mind where I can be comfortable with going with the flow and not being in control constantly, something that let me face up challenges and unpredictable situations better.

If there’s one thing I recommend for loosening up it’s got to be meditation, that’s when you learn it’s okay not to have a plan for everything, it’s okay to let go of things that no longer serve you, outfits that no longer fit you, and personality traits that do you more harm than good. In a way, my new casual layer of clothes allowed me to be a more authentic me!

ladies casual shoes


Casual style with mums works for obvious reasons: I get ready in no time, so I get to be more in the company of Matthew, and of course, I can easily run after him in my favourite pairs of ladies casual shoes!

It ought to be self-explanatory when comparing the formal and casual styles, for instance, because the first makes you serious, rather strict, following a set of rules of conduct, whereas with the latter you have the comfort to have fun and follow your own rules, at least in my eyes. The casual style taught me how to let my son be a child and let him enjoy making a mess during playtime without worrying about the stains, rushing to clean it up and scold him.

That doesn’t mean I now only have laid-back items in my wardrobe, though; for instance, whenever I have to meet up with clients I opt for smart casual, and sometimes I surprise my husband with a chic dress when we have our date nights, but yes, the main one I resort to on a daily basis is casual.

I have many friends who choose the style because of how practical it is, particularly when you have a busy lifestyle, but I choose it for the comfort and the person it’s helped me become. If it allows me to stay true to myself and makes me feel great in my own skin, why would I ever want to give up casual?