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High Heels Talk: Alternatives and Hacks

There’s nothing better in life than knowing who you truly are. Sure, the journey of self-discovery may take you a while to find the way to your true self but once you do things get easier, life becomes simpler, decision making gets effortless.

Though I’ve come to deal with discomfort over time due to wearing the wrong shoes, it got better thanks to opting for comfort and boots though knowing myself well I still can’t give up high heels. Then again, not just any high heels would do either!

Lucky for me I no longer have to compromise my health for fashion or the other way around because there are the right formal high heels that offer the best of both worlds. Some of the features I consider especially handy with all of them is how stable they are due to the design of the elegant heel.

This is a huge difference from what I was used to wear over the years, trying my best not to fall, twist my ankles or look like one of those catwalk models doing the “try not to sweep the floor” dance.

wearing formal high heels

I can’t recommend them enough because they’re also great for providing the feet with the needed arch support, the exact aspect uncomfortable pointy toe heels lack which exposes feet to many issues, including the unsightly and painful bunions.

If you’re a fan of wearing high heels during the colder months of the year you wouldn’t be disappointed either because there are formal high heels created with Gore-Tex technology that makes them provide waterproof and breathable features, so your feet stay dry, warm and sweat-free.

What I would suggest, that is if you aren’t yet up for making this much-needed transition and prefer to endure pain for fashion, is at least do what you can to strengthen your ankles and feet.

Yoga and ballet are activities that can help you with this but you don’t have to be a yogi or ballerina to reap the benefits of the specific exercises; You don’t need to go to a gym or studio to work on strengthening, all you need is a resistance band and you can turn your home into your gym.

It’s a given your toe nails have to be at their best, nicely trimmed so they wouldn’t cramp up the shoes further and if you don’t have a problem like I do with sweating as soon as you apply cream on your toes then use a cream before you put the shoes on as it helps with avoiding discomfort.