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Fashion Tips for Dressing Your Kids: Making Comfort a Priority

It is common to see parents dressing their little boys like adults – and while, sure, posting this on Instagram is cute and all but not many parents actually take into account how uncomfortable wearing those pieces of clothing must be for their little ones. Personally, I’m not a fan of dressing up kids in uncomfortable clothes for the sake of them looking cute. Whether it is a casual day at the playground or a more formal occasion, I always try to choose clothes that are comfy and fit my boy right.

As a mom, I’ve realized that clothes can play an important role in how kids learn and explore as well as how they behave. Have you ever worn pants that kept falling down and felt uncomfortable or awkward, or had an outfit that looked very nice but felt limited with what you could do in it all day? Well, it’s the same with kids.

Always Pick Comfort Over Style

You can have both of course, but if your children’s closet is full of ‘dry-clean only’ tags, I’m willing to bet that your kid might feel somewhat limited. From party girl dresses to casual boys shorts, when purchasing clothing for your kids, it is important that the fabric they are made of is breathable and that the cut allows them to play and run freely. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying new clothes for your kids.

  • Can your children run, bend over, climb, sit or twirl comfortably in the garment?
  • When using the bathroom, can they easily adjust their outfit without fearing potential embarrassment and without the need of an adult?
  • Would you be able to relax during an event, completely free of the fear that your child will rip, tear or stain his/her outfit?

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above, then that piece of clothing, no matter how cute it may be, might not be very practical. When shopping for boys shorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, etc., I always try to avoid pieces with lots of buttons, zippers, and other complicated details. I also make sure that I don’t buy pieces that the boys will need a lot of help putting on or taking off. For me, dressing up should be fun and not stressful.

Underdress Instead of Overdress

Let’s suppose that you have a wedding to go to and of course, you want your child to look nice and well-put-together. However, if your son or daughter doesn’t want to wear the outfit you’ve chosen for him/her, try not to force it. Keep in mind that they will be partying with a bunch of grown-ups, which is torture enough. Avoid fighting by choosing a casually comfortable outfit that also looks great.

Let Your Kids Participate in What They Wear

Parents need to understand that their kids are not ‘little dolls’ which they can always dress the way they want. Kids are little people with their own tastes and preferences, so they should be allowed to participate when choosing their outfits as well. Allowing your kids to make decisions from an early age is very empowering and helps them build their confidence. It also makes them more active in their morning routine. If you have a picky kid, try imploying some tactics when shopping for clothes. For example, let your child choose between a few pre-selected options, depending on their age and comprehension levels.

Get a Little Bit Larger Size Than Needed

Considering that kids clothes can be a real investment, I try to get as much wear of an outfit as possible. By purchasing clothes a little bit larger than needed (but not too baggy) help them to last for longer. A little bit larger size is also more comfortable than clothes that are just the right fit that then shrinks of that kids grow through too quickly. My favourite types of clothes are ones that are adjustable – especially boys shorts and pants.

Invest in Quality Pieces

Kids clothes can be quite expensive, and children can outgrow them fast. Hence, it makes sense to choose quality over quantity. Invest in a few but high-quality pieces that your kid will wear regularly like boys shorts and shirts, girls capris and casual dresses. Investing in quality pieces means that you will always have something to dress your child in, whether it is for a school day or a family dinner party. Buying cheap clothes not only means having to make multiple trips to the store to buy more but also putting your kid at the risk of embarrassing her/himself, should something go wrong with their clothes. Moreover, cheap products can also have adverse effects on a child’s sensitive skin and result in rashes and allergies.

Like adults, kids come in different shapes and sizes as well. This means you need to dress your child as per his/her body type. Doing so will ensure he/she always feet at easy in what he/she is wearing and also turn out looking cute every time.