Crossing a New Barrier: Underwater I Disappear!

I know that setting some time aside for ourselves in this busy world is getting tougher and tougher, but we should not underestimate the important of re-charging our inner batteries from time to time. Going out for a walk, feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin, going for a swim – sometimes these simple things are all it takes to achieve the much needed peace of mind.

As a nature enthusiast, I love getting away from the rat race and make space for experiencing something new. My last adventure was under the sea. After a successful diving class, I was ready to explore the beauty of the underwater world and ladies hear me out when I say – it was well worth!

Getting My Equipment Ready

One day before the scheduled diving tour, I got all my diving equipment ready. I charged the camera, got my wetsuit, regulator, visor, etc. But there was one piece of diving equipment that was missing on my list – a dive torch. My diving instructor recommended bringing one with me so I could have more light to see the breathtaking creatures in the dark underwater world.

Because it was a one last minute shopping, I didn’t have much time to do a thorough research regarding which model or brand is best. But the vendor at the store recommended what turned out to be a top notch dive torch – the Tusa Tul 400 Torch. It is a small torch that provides enough light to illuminate dark underwater areas. Its wide angle beam allows you to make great videos and take amazing pictures.

I also ate light, drunk lots of water and went to bed early to be well-rested for the great day!

The Diving Day!

The boat sailed for about 15 minutes till we reached the diving spot. During this time, I enjoyed the waves, the sun, the wind, the birds – the weather was stunning that day! Once we reached the place, I started to get ready. I checked if everything was okay and after counting down from 3, I was finally underwater.

Sinking little by little in the spirit of free falling, releasing bubbles and enjoying the panorama – one must try it to know. Once the time was over, I started to rise slowly, making short pauses along the way – all according to the instructor’s guidance. And suddenly – back to reality.

Needless to say I loved the diving experience and I’m looking forward to doing it all over again!