Plant Stands: Stylish Pieces for Your Indoor Garden

Have you ever stopped what you were doing just to look at your plants? I have been doing exactly this these last few weeks, marvelling at my beautiful plants and even feeling proud of myself for how far I’ve gone with my gardening skills from being a serial plant killer some years before.

There’s a reason indoor plants are the main ingredients when it comes to adding accents to your home’s interior décor, no matter the style, because they immediately make the place lively, filling it up with colour and texture. They’re the easy change you can rely on when you want to spice up your interior but don’t have the budget for it.

Of course, along with them, you can count on the pots and planters to inject the place with some stylishness, like I did with my concrete pots, but they aren’t the only elements you can use to tie the place together: there are versatile plant stands you can introduce to your nest!

What is a Plant Stand?

scandinavian plant stand

Plant stands are pieces of furniture designed to organise your plants, so think of them as plant organisers, if you will. They can be found in a variety of sizes, models, styles, materials, so whatever your taste, your plants and your home style are, you’re sure to find it.

My personal favourite is a Scandinavian plant stand and I knew I wanted it home the minute I laid my eyes on it because of its elegance. Whenever in doubt about the styles, or what would best fit in without creating any visual clutter, I always go for Scandinavian pieces. For now I showcase my concrete pots on it, though I might end up adding more plants and pots eventually.

I hadn’t thought of these stands until I got really interested in gardening, and the bigger my indoor garden gets, the more I see the decorative potential of the stands. If you don’t like Scandinavian style, have in mind whichever style stand you choose, it’s going to fill up the space with some nice curves and lines, providing more details.

What’s great about the stands is the fact they fit in with small and big spaces alike, so even if your home is tiny, you could still choose a compact tiered stand, display your lovely plants, and free up some floor space.

This proves how easy it is to make urban gardening part of your life and count on an indoor garden, be it in your house or apartment and this goes for both homeowners and tenants; you wouldn’t have to worry about drilling and then having all the work for nothing when moving out because there isn’t much work involved in placing them or removing them.

How to Buy Plant Stands?

scandinavian pot plants

Before you set out to buy the stands, it’s best to have your interior in mind; for instance, before I got my Scandinavian plant stand, I took a good look of the interior, did a bit of walking around to find where I could fit one without disturbing the décor as is.

From then on I considered the styles, materials as well as the design, and finally I rounded up my decisions with the price. In case you don’t have as many plants as the stand is designed for, you could still buy it and motivate yourself to increase your garden later on.

If you have some awkward corner that you haven’t figured out how to fill yet, there are corner units you can combine to cover up the 90-degree space; this way, you’d get an eye-catching natural corner that makes your abode livelier and cohesive. This is also a reason why I think plant stands serve well in entryways – you get to greet people with a touch of greenery!

If you intend to take your plants out for a while to give them a bit of sunbath every now and then, think of the space you have available at the balcony, yard or the deck, along with the material that most withstands the weather.

More Reasons to Love Them

scandinavian plant stands

Other than displaying my plants, allowing everyone to join me up in marvelling their beauty, the other reason I love the Scandinavian plant stand for is the chance it provides to speed up the watering and fertilising chores.

When you have all your plants together, you don’t have to worry whether or not you forgot one, or you overwatered one instead of watering others, you have them all at sight so they’re great for beginner gardeners.

Also, you can decorate them any way you want when you have a bigger stand than you have plants for, meaning you can decorate with books, magazines, clearing out any mess around your living room for instance, and go as far as using it for season decorating whenever you want to add some changes.

You can guess mine is decorated with Christmas lights and I got a pair of tiny cute Christmas tree lights that I placed next to the pots to amp up the magic. Does this sound convincing enough for you to invest in plant stands?