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Bathroom Design Done Right: The Right Elements Make a Splash

The beautiful and luxurious bathrooms you often see on social media and in decor magazines may have got you thinking about giving your own bathroom a makeover. If you’re considering that possibility but don’t know where to get started, know that it isn’t as hard as it may seem.

Just like with other rooms in the home, decorating a bathroom is all about planning, researching, and collecting bathroom ideas. Once considered merely functional spaces bathrooms now need to be designed with relaxation and pampering in mind as we try to make the most of our limited free time. Plus, because we’re spending more time in our houses than ever before, our bathrooms are seeing more traffic than ever before, so the design needs to be able to withstand wear and tear too.

Considering the fact that space in bathrooms is often limited, every element you add needs to be carefully considered for how it will interact with the area. Here is how to choose the right design elements so you can make the most of your bathroom.


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The wash hand basin is certainly one of the most important components of the bathroom’s overall appeal. The many models of hand basins Australia retailers offer mean you can create any look you might be after – from fantastic and futuristic to opulent or vintage. But if you can’t decide what type of basin to choose, above counter basins are an interesting form to consider as they can match any bathroom style.

As the name suggests, a countertop basin is a type of basin that sits on the top of the counter rather fits into it. If it wasn’t attached to the tap and drain at the bottom, it would look very much like a bowl or basin that has been simply placed on the countertop and can be easily picked and removed. Compared to other types of hand basins, above-counter basins give a much more interesting look to the bathroom.

When buying hand basins Australia retailers can supply you with, you’ll find countertop basins are available in a wide range of options. If you’ve chosen a period look for your bathroom, you can pick a countertop sink that looks like an old-fashioned washbowl. For a modern look, choose a stylish basin to install on top of a modern style counter. The multiple styles of countertop sinks available make them extremely versatile. Regardless of the style, you are after for your bathroom, you will find a countertop basin that will fit in perfectly.

Another great thing about this bathroom basin type is that it’s not limited to a certain material type. Aside from being available in different shapes (round, square, triangular, etc) and sizes (small, medium, large, very large), it can also be made from almost any material if it has finished edges. You can pick a sink made from copper, glass, marble, tin, etc. The options are literally endless with this countertop sink.

Practicality is another benefit of this type of sink. Aside from being spacious, it also has high sides. This makes it easy to use and helps to prevent water from being splashed everywhere. Plus, sitting on top of the counter places it at a more convenient and comfortable height than other basins. Countertop basins are generally fitted with taps that allow the user to adjust the flow and temperature of the water as per their preference.

As for installation, a top-mount basin is one of the easiest to install. It doesn’t have to be mounted to a wall, and its pipes don’t have to be hidden behind the wall. You also don’t have to worry about finding the correct vanity cabinet size for your sink basin. In fact, you can use a table or object with a hole in the top that is large enough for a drain.


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When it comes to bathroom decor vanity units are elements that really make a difference. While they are essentially bathroom cupboards that surround the sink and provide additional storage space, in addition to concealing unsightly plumbing, the style and size of the vanity you pick will have an impact on the overall bathroom’s decor. So, you must plan all of the things you want in your bathroom at the same time to guarantee that everything fits together nicely. How many sinks will you require? What kind of storage options do you require? What colour scheme are you going to use?


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As you plan the plumbing requirements for your bathroom, this is the first element you’ll need to work on. Despite the fact that it will be the final item installed in your bathroom, it is critical to decide where you want it to go as soon as you begin designing your bathroom décor. Toilet designs have progressed from traditional and western styles to a variety of more complex options.

As a result, even with the most basic feature required in every bathroom, you will be spoiled for choice as a homeowner. Wall-mounted, floor-standing, rimless, close-coupled, and one-piece toilets are all available these days. You may choose the best one for you depending on your particular preferences and comfort. For example, a wall-mounted or ringed seat can be a great option if kids or the elderly will be using the bathroom. This is due to the fact that wall-mounted toilets may be customized to your liking, whereas rimmed toilet seats reduce the chance of slipping.


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In order to get the shower right, ask yourself these questions: How much space do you have? Is a separate shower cubicle possible, or would a shower and bath combination be more practical? Is the choice of showerhead providing you with the water flow and pressure you desire? Is it appropriate for everyone who will be utilizing it?

Once you get the answers to these questions, move on to the design of your shower. The appearance of the room will be greatly influenced by your shower screen. Although a framed shower screen may create a contrast to your design concept, a frameless shower screen is excellent for making the room look more spacious.