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Want Yard Storage? Get a Shed!

Space is one of those modern problems many of us are faced with, Australia wide as much as around the globe, especially those living in the big cities. While there are many solutions nowadays, some drastic for sure, I’m up for decluttering and finding compact furniture pieces with storage compartments rather than living in a tiny home.

Say what you will but it won’t change my mind; I certainly admire people with tiny lifestyles, and I find the houses to be cute, however I know it’s not a thing for me because I love everything about my house and yard, particularly the sight of my ornamental trees.

Colorbond sheds

The closest I’ve come to a tiny home is having one of the Colorbond sheds and so far it’s turned to be far greater of an investment than previously imagined. Though the primary reason to purchase one was for the few of my garden tools to be out of sight, as well as to put my husband’s garage tools in order, however, we soon saw the potential we could repurpose it in so many ways.

Considering we got a shed that’s neither too small nor big, measuring 2.26m x 2.18m, we figured it could be used as a storage for stuff we can’t keep in the basement, yet both finding ourselves in need of a space where we can have some alone time, we decided to double it as a “cave” too, taking turns in the use.

Colorbond sheds

What I love about Colorbond sheds is how they were designed having the user in mind, meaning they’re easy and fast to assemble with the help of instructions, pre-drilled holes and snap-tite system, plus they’re durable and safe for the harsh Australian conditions when you take the properties in mind like corrosion and termite resistance, thermal efficiency and non-combustible.

You can have your peace of mind regarding security also thanks to hinged doors so when you keep your prized possessions in a shed of these you can leave worries behind. You won’t be lacking looks either because they’re made of steel and are available in a wide range of colours which makes them an ideal addition to your home’s curb appeal and value in general.

Colorbond sheds

We chose ours in classic cream to match our home and fit elegantly within the yard. I’ve already worked with clients who’ve relied on storage garden sheds for years and repurposed them as creativity spots or even something outstanding as small business facilities so really the potential is vast.

You’ll only know what you can make of it when you get one!