Streetwear: It’s All About Comfort!

When you’re a mum of two and try to get a bit of balance in your day to day life of errands and chores, setting the right amount of time on both family and work, it can be difficult to focus on yourself.

Though I haven’t entirely given up on my looks, I’m not ashamed to say I no longer pay as much attention to my outfits as I used to back in my twenties. My husband loves me no matter the clothing I wear, whether I wear makeup or not, and whether I have the perfect hair or messy bun with some food crumbs in it from the hugs of my boys, and it’s so comforting to know it.

At my age and responsibilities, I find comfort to be one of the luxuries I require on a daily basis. Now let me tell you about my closet; Depending on the occasion, I have some delicate dresses and skirts in my repertoire of course, but most of the time my focus is on comfort which is why streetwear has become my all-time favourite, streetwear tops in particular.

What I love about these tops is the way I can combine them with several clothing pieces, be it jeans, skirts or shorts, turning into the ideal pieces for various occasions such as a trip to the supermarket, spending a day at the park with my boys and Uno, or catching up with Jade at some café.

If I want to customise them, all I have to do is count on the help of accessories. Can it get any better than this? I use a pin or two to add some colour and depending on the streetwear tops because by now I have six of them differing in colour, fabric, and style, some more casual or girly than the others, I wear them with scarves, wraps or statement jewellery like my favourite zircon stone angel wings earrings.

Footwear options can be extensive too since they don’t only go well with sneakers, so there are days when I wear them with ballet flats, ankle boots, or even high heel boots on rare occasions. As for the head, though I prefer the plain look, sometimes I like wearing head scarves to make the buns fun, saving the knitted headbands for the colder days of autumn and winter.

Having a few pieces of clothing and more accessories is a nice strategy in sustainability I’ve been fond of lately, and judging by the comfort I’m enjoying, saving up both time and money, I don’t expect to get tired of it any time soon!