Kid’s Bathtime Before Bedtime – My Ritual That Makes It All Divine

For a good night’s sleep, it’s essential to spend some time relaxing and this applies to kids too. To help my kids surrender the day and welcome some rest time, I’ve created a special routine – a relaxing bath soak before bedtime! In our household, bathtime means lots of fun for both my sons and it gives me some time to prepare dinner too – a win-win combination. As a mom of two, I’ve learned a few tricks that help make bathtime just perfect! Here’s how to do it right.

Kids in the Bathtub Before Dinner, Not After

Of course, not all children will respond in the same way, but my children faal asleep more easily when bathtime comes before dinner. They take it as the beginning of the end of their night. By the time they are out of the bath, the food is ready and they are more eager to eat, brush their teeth, hear a short bedtime story – and off to dreamland!

bamboo baby towels5

Lavender Essential Oil

I love to use scents for relaxation and I always add a few drops of lavender essential oils to my kiddos’ bath to lighten the mood and help them relax. The smell seems to calm things down almost immediately!

A Comfy Bamboo Bath Towel to Share Cuddles

For me, the best part of this routine is wrapping my babies in their towels and giving them lots of cuddles! They simply love being wrapped in their bamboo baby towels, that after all the years of use, still look and feel like new. Being a product of high resistance and durability, my children’s bamboo baby towels have kept their high quality and shape. And because bamboo towels have a much higher absorption capacity than cotton (about 30%) they soak up moisture rapidly and efficiently, helping me get the kids in their pyjamas in no time.

Coconut Oil to Soothe the Skin

My kids love when I massage them with coconut oil. Sometimes, when I’m in a rush, I just add melted coconut oil to their bath water to ensure their skin stays moisturized. I love the smell of coconut oil, but if you don’t, try a less scented oil, like jojoba.

Toys Make Bath-time Much More Fun

Toys are an everyday part of my kid’s bathtime since it helps them work out that last bit of energy. I allow them to play about 30 minutes and try to stick to toys made specifficaly for bathtime, although sometimes their dinosaurs and pirate ship end up in there too!