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Bathroom Mirror Cabinet: The Smart Storage Solution

By now, there’s no doubt the bathroom has an aesthetic role in the household as much as any other room. This is backed by the various décor trends that have appeared in recent years, showing us all the ways we can use to elevate the charm of this once-deemed solely utilitarian area.  

Whether or not you have a considerable budget to back you up for all of your remodelling projects, there are the right elements to give your bathroom a luxurious upgrade. Out of all the ranges of useful and decorative options, I decided to dedicate my focus to mirror cabinets in this blog post. And, if you’re wondering why – it’s because I felt it was long overdue I did it justice as the indispensable piece it is.

Isn’t the Mirror Cabinet Outdated?

I hear you ask this as soon as you start reading, so I want to reassure you it’s a welcome addition even in the most contemporary interiors that are assembled following the latest trends. This wouldn’t have been possible without the stylish bathroom medicine cabinet furniture that has undergone some handy and visual transformations.

Unlike the limited choices in the past, the models today amaze with the materials they’re made from, as much as the paint, finishes, and spaciousness. Besides the beautifully framed wall mount classics that can serve as elements to team up with the rest of the furnishings for a harmonious look, there are now recessed designs you can fit within wall cavities to get a clean minimal look.

Is the Mirror Cabinet Beneficial?

medicine cabinet
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Yes, mirror cabinets for the bathroom are highly practical items – this itself is reason enough to welcome them in your abode. Big and small spaces alike benefit from such an addition because of the extra storage it offers, as well as the easy access for most of the toiletries, prescription meds, essential oils and accessories. And, if you can fit in a large model with two doors, you might get enough room to organise other belongings like your hair care and styling tools.

These cabinets offer all this while still serving their purpose with assisting grooming and pampering. Whether you’re shaving, applying makeup, or skincare, the mirror is there to give you a good look. Moreover, when installed strategically, opposite a window, it can reflect natural light thus increasing the room’s airiness by making it brighter and even visually bigger. Perfect if you have a tiny bathroom!

Now, while I’m at brighter, some modern models of cabinets are adorned with strap lights which further increases both their charm and functionality. Best of all is they aren’t glaring and prove to be perfect task lights useful for the most precise activities, such as seamlessly plucking the eyebrows, and perfectly applying eyeliner.

How to Choose the Ideal Mirror Cabinet?

With the aesthetics and benefits out of the way, it’s time to discuss how to shop for the ideal medicine bathroom cabinet. Of course, same as with any other furniture piece, it’s advisable to start with the size.

If you have vanity units, it’s best to choose the cabinet using the vanity as your guiding point – specifically its width. Ideally, the cabinet ought to be in a width that’s the same, or a bit smaller, so as not to overwhelm the space. In terms of height, more aspects come to play, like the height of the vanity itself, followed by the sink and faucet, whether or not you have any lighting right above, and lastly the size of the wall. This gives you an idea of why proper measuring is so important!

Another crucial aspect, that you simply can’t overlook, is the weight. When choosing from the online homeware stores, it’s necessary to check the specs, including the weight of the medicine bathroom cabinet, to get an idea of how you can proceed with the installation. Remember that the shelves, as well as toiletries and everything else you intend to store on them, would add to the number too.

And, speaking of shelves, be sure to pick the amount based on your storage requirements. In case of need for more storage, rest assured it’s possible to fit more than one cabinet. Some ideas on where you can install the extra include the space above the toilet suite and the space under towel racks.

Since it’s a purchase that urges you to leave nothing to chance, especially not when you opt for the recessed design, you’d also have to check the wiring and piping of the exact wall you plan on adding the stylish shaving cabinet to. Even if you’re a DIY oriented person, to be on the safe side, it’s best to consult a professional with the preparation of the cavity and the installation.

Lastly, from the aesthetic point of view, the material, paint, and finish of the cabinet, plus those of the hardware, are all bits you’d have to pay attention to. That is, if you want to get a design that suits the style of the rest of the bathroom’s fixtures and fittings.