Four Floral Home Ideas

I recently had a client who was so fed up with the white walls in her house; she was ready to do an entire re-design project just to make a change and add a thrill in her home ambiance. She started explaining how she was feeling suffocated and depressed in her own, otherwise very tastefully decorated home, even though people often would say to her that white walls have a very calming effect. She hated them deeply and was determined to get rid of a lot of other things along the way. Simply put – the woman wanted a major interior design change.

We met for coffee a few days later and I visited her house. I couldn’t believe my eyes; all vintage stuff, hand-picked furniture pieces in lively colours, amazing decorations, perfect lighting – it was like Pinterest exploded in there! And that garden – oh my God; her garden was a real Heaven! She told me that she buys all her veggies and fruits because she wants to have the entire backyard free for growing flowers and decorative plants. It was like seeing my female soul mate.

After we’ve established that she loves her flowers because she admires their beauty so much, I suggested that we should bring some changes in her rooms with flowers wallpaper. Being so colourful and diverse, she would smile every time she sees them. And of course, I’d choose the right flowers wallpapers that would go perfectly well with her furniture pieces and overall atmosphere.

We instantly clicked with this woman, we found out that we like the same things, enjoy music and books of the same type, and are addicted to Pinterest. The difference being that she’s a lawyer and I’m an interior designer. Anyway, here’s how her rooms turned out after I’ve made the change with the walls:

wallpaper bedroom

The bedroom

She has this amazing vintage bedroom; the bed is simple and there are no large frames with it. The board behind the bed, the one you place your pillows against, is what actually gives its vintage look; it’s made of old doors which are different in size and are placed to look like a pointy crown. They have this amazing old-stuff colour which is the main guideline for the entire colour concept of the room – peachy yellow and ripe green nuances. The bedside tables are also small and vintage and there are also some amazing decorations like standing lamps and vases with flowers – all in that same colour pattern. The walls were white and that was fine by me, but she wanted more colour! So I went with an amazing flowers wallpaper with those colours on it. I paid attention as not to disturb the entire ambiance with too much colour, which is why I changed the bedding; neutral creamy white and the pillows were in the same colour as the wallpaper.

dining room wallpapers

The dining room

This isn’t exactly a classic dining room; it’s a small corner in her large kitchen where she and her husband eat before they rush to work in the morning. Again, keeping the vintage look of the room, I chose a blue flowers wallpaper that will go perfectly with the overall peach-to-lime yellow colour pattern. We changed the chairs though; we had them painted in the same blue as the wallpaper to create a connection between the walls and the furniture in the room, so that when you enter the room you would keep your eyes on the flowers and the decorations instead on the furniture.

living room wallpapers

The living room

I went with beige tones for the large living room. I wanted to keep the elegance of the couch, window frames and the curtains, try not to suffocate the space with too much colour while giving accent to the decorations and pillows. So, I chose flowers wallpaper with a beige-to-grayish base and creamy white flower pattern. That, in combination with the beige couch and the pillows in the same peachy and sand nuance, created a wonderful ambiance in the living room. In addition, the room is faced east, so in the morning the abundance of sunlight creates a truly heaven-like effect.

hallways wallpaper

The hallways

Her hallways are small, but she wanted to keep them vintage style as well. So, I went with the same colour pattern as previously: flowers wallpaper in ripe peach-to-lime colour which clicked perfectly with the old tile flooring in brown and the vintage brown furniture elements. I decorated the small table with vases in dark orange and yellow and added flowers. Completely changed vision.