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Tips for Shopping with Teen Girls: Help Your Daughter Build Her Wardrobe

We’ve all been teenagers, and we surely remember how it felt. Teenagers are no longer children, and they’re not adults yet. They start to understand the world around them, which can be very exciting. Trying to find their place in the world can be a little tricky and challenging. Top that with the hormonal changes they experience, and there goes a tornado of emotions.

If you’re a teenager’s parent, you know what I’m talking about. And it can get particularly difficult when it comes to their dressing choices. Girls become especially aware of their looks and overall appearance as their body develops. Those born fashionistas may start experimenting in a way you might not like, while others begin to feel insecure. Either way, how can you help your daughter develop her fashion sense without interfering too much?

Give Her Freedom to Choose

You may find a checklist clothing guide very useful when you have a newborn. As your girl grows up, it can get a little harder to choose dresses or other clothes you agree on. And now that your girl is a teen, you may desperately want the checklist back in the game. Well, those were simpler times. Now, you need a different approach.

How you talk to your daughter from a very young age is how she will start to talk to herself later in life. If you’ve given her some freedom to choose when she was a little girl, like I did, there are chances that she feels strongly about her freedom and opinion when she enters the teen years. And even if that wasn’t the case, she can, either way, become opinionated. Having a strong-willed and spirited child myself, I know it can be very hard. Yet, now can be the perfect time to give her the freedom to choose the clothes they like and let her buy those teen girl pants that she talks about all the time.

Teenage Wardrobe Staples


Teen girls love wearing pants. From leggings, joggers, and sweatpants to culotte and jeans, they prefer different types of pants over dresses and skirts. That’s completely normal. I remember pants were my go-to wardrobe item when I was a teenager. How can you help your teen daughter choose teen girl pants she will love wearing?

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Help Her Find the Right Fit

Teen girls don’t like just to look nice, they want to feel nice too. When they put on clothes that don’t fit right, they’re at a higher risk of feeling uncomfortable and losing their style and elegance. This is especially true for pants. Help your daughter choose a jean cut that will skim her figure, and emphasise their waist. Teach her how to avoid models that hide her shape and make her body look larger than it is. Doing this will help her look fabulous and feel confident.

Help Her Choose Quality over Quantity

Giving your daughter freedom in terms of budget can teach her to spend money responsibly and shop carefully. In the beginning, it can be tempting for her to go for as many pieces as her budget allows. You can turn this into a teaching point about the importance of wearing clothes made of high-quality materials. Help her see that having a few pairs of pants for girls she feels best in is way better than having a bunch of pants she’ll avoid wearing.

How many pairs of pants should a teenager own? It’s estimated that every girl should own 4-5 pairs of denim jeans or casual pants. If your teenager understands this, she will strive to make every piece she buys a winner. This way, she’ll also have an easier time getting dressed in the morning.


Trendy t-shirts, casual tanks, button-downs and crop tops: the wide variety of teen girl tops to choose from can be overwhelming for your teen girl. Help her discover the perfect look for every occasion, letting her choose the pieces she likes the most. Don’t let crop tops freak you out; instead, let her experiment and help her create a balanced wardrobe containing different types of clothes a woman should have.

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Help Her Find Her Colours

Tops offer a great opportunity for a girl to find her colours. Although many young girls like wearing black, encourage your teen not to stray from bright colours that suit her age. Coloured tops can be a great way to add variety to an outfit. Being ready to experiment with different colours can help her find the ones she feels the best wearing. It’ll also help her find those that complement her complex, which will be very beneficial for building her future fashion self.

Teach Her How to Layer

Adding gorgeous layers doesn’t only serve to keep us warm in the colder months: it can be an instant way to make any casual outfit more stylish. Help her learn how to craft unique, original outfits by throwing an extra layer, such as a classic bomber jacket. When your girl sees how well-fitting blazers, puffers, vests and stylish denim jackets make her stand out, she’ll be eager to try out new combinations.


By the time she gets into her teenage years, every girl should own at least one dress. If she doesn’t like wearing dresses, help her find a model that she’ll feel comfortable with. Many teen girls like baggy or vintage printed dresses, so they can wear them with sneakers or throw a hoodie over them.

Try to Understand Your Teen Daughter

If this is a challenging period for you, imagine how hard it must be for your daughter. With everything being easily accessible due to social media, it can be hard to build a healthy body image and find yourself in various fashion trends and styles. Although she may not show, your girl needs you to guide her through all of it. Simple things like giving her the freedom she asks for and helping her understand basic clothing principles can make your teenage shopping journey a delight.