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Wallpaper Murals: The Easy and Colourful Solution for Plain and Lifeless Walls

Our homes are extensions of ourselves in the sense they reflect our personalities. This can be seen and felt through every piece of furniture or decorations that make the interior design, whether they have sentimental value or you chose to surround yourself with them because you like the style and colours.

So, besides that main role of serving as our shelters, protecting us from the weather elements and the outdoor dangers, they carry a deeper meaning too. You don’t have to be into designing, or passionate about trying out each new décor trend that emerges to make the most of an abode that’s nicely put together.

And, it’s easier and cheaper than you might expect, especially when you focus on the incredible aesthetic effect of timeless wallpaper murals available in a range of themes, textures, patterns, shades, and sizes.

What Is a Mural?

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In the simple terms, it’s a form of art that’s been used to decorate walls since ancient times. However, unlike in the past when it was only painted directly on the walls or ceilings, nowadays you don’t have to be crafty with a brush or invite an artist over to add some life and colour to your walls.

Thanks to advanced technologies, the traditional and trendy wall coverings have become much more convenient and user-friendly. Depending on the choice you make, you can even take up a DIY project and install the mural wallpaper yourself because the new and stylish designs make it piece of cake. You know what this means, right? You won’t have to spend more on calling in the professionals!

What Are the Benefits of Murals?

You may be wondering why invite murals in your home in the first place when you can simply paint the walls, or decorate them with some of your family treasure photos, your own drawings and paintings. Well, murals offer some benefits that are far too important to ignore. Benefits like:

Making a Statement with Ease in Any Spot

As modern interiors tend to steer towards cleaner ambiances that are stripped of many details, or ornaments, they tend to lack the statement that can make houses into homes. The numerous wall mural designs are fit for adding this missing piece of the decorating puzzle, and they’re available in both soothing and bold styles alike.

Whichever you choose, you’re sure to get an attention-grabbing result. Since they’re easy to work with, no awkward spot is too awkward for a mural, whether it’s a small piece of wall above the fireplace, or a wall behind the sofa. Even hallways can get a fresh look with a fancy mural thanks to how easy they change the ambiance with minimal hassle.

Adding Value to the Property

Plain, painted walls may look nice and fresh but they don’t have the same potential of value boosters as the eye-catching wallpaper murals which can be as intricate or simple as you choose them to be. You may not care much about this now, but in case you decide to sell the home in the future, it would be more than appreciated.

What Are the Types of Mural Wallpapers

Types of Mural Wallpapers
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The reason I said “depending on the choice you make” is because not all the murals are wallpapers that are created equally. If you want those that are created for DIY projects, then what you’re looking for are “peel and stick” panels, as opposed to the somewhat more complex “paste the wall” option.

Peel and Stick

For great flexibility with the installation, as well as the removal and reposition should you want to see more frequent interior décor changes, such wallpaper murals are products made for DIY friendliness. As their name implies, you simply peel and stick them on the designated space.

This has to do with the lack of paste necessary to add them on the chosen walls since they come with their own backing with adhesive. This explains why they’re a mess-free option and ideal for all sorts of residential use – including for renters who want to make the place their own even if for just a while. Once time comes to remove them, you won’t have to deal with any residue clean-up afterwards either.

Though there are various materials available, if you want to invest your money in something of quality, premium choices like opaque linen texture vinyl are recommended because of their incredible properties of durability and resilience.

Paste the Wall

Wider than the panels of peel and stick, even double the size of the counterpart at times, these usually require professional installation. In case you aren’t a big fan of vinyl, you’d be glad to know this alternative is usually PVC-free non-woven material that’s eco-friendly. Since it’s breathable, and resistant to mould and mildew, it can bode well with moisture, making it a great choice for humid environments like those in bathrooms and kitchens.

As you may guess by the name, these murals are applied by first adding paste on the wall, so there is adhesive use needed to handle which can get rather messy. This is also the reason why they are more of a permanent solution when compared with the temporary peel and stick. Still, they’re much better for installation and removal than traditional wallpapers.