Happy Feet, Happy Life: Habits That Improve My Foot Health

Isn’t it unfair how little we think about the daily wear and tear we put our feet through? I know this goes for a lot of women especially, those who don’t take even a second to question whether their love for high heels is doing their feet any harm.

Facing the threat of bunions made me realise how important shoe choices are, which is why it was also time to rethink my passion for heels.

Even if bunions don’t run in your family, there’s no doubt you should focus on comfort and support considering our feet are full of bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments and require all the care we can give.

Sure, I don’t mind wearing sneakers, boots, ballet shoes or sandals, however there’s something special about high heels that I simply can’t convince myself to omit them from my wardrobe yet; they’re classy and feminine which can easily be seen in the way they make a woman move the hips with every step, and hips don’t lie as Shakira would say!

Thankfully, there’s no lack of options nowadays so I was able to find the perfect high heel pumps to provide me with the comfort I need without giving up stylishness either. Apart from the change in heel height to a more acceptable size, they offer breathability thanks to materials such as leather also great for all-day wear due to the perfect inner climate, so no more threat of Athlete’s foot for me.

Also, they give me the heel and arch support I need to prevent foot discomfort, accidents and issues from happening due to the carefully designed combination of leather functional footbed and forefoot cushioning. Oh, and the high heel pumps I got have outstanding traction and the straps keep my feet firmly in place, both aspects I appreciate highly.

I didn’t end it at this though when it comes to the health of my feet. Like it or not, we’re all prone to sedentary lifestyle at home, some more often than others, and instead of sitting uncomfortably when watching TV or using the computer, I now have a couple of ottomans I use as footrests to ease off fatigue.

Not to brag but I have a wonderful husband who’s taken it as his mission to treat me to a soothing foot massage every night so I have him to thank for my improved sleep, blood pressure and relaxation; he knows it, happy feet, happy wife!

Starting and ending the day with some foot exercises, a bit of Dandasana and Tadasana to strengthen my feet and add to their flexibility is of great help as well and I never forget the importance of using moisturisers after every bath. And you readers, what are your “healthy and happy feet” habits?