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5 Things You Need to Know Before Remodelling Your Bathroom

Working as an interior designer, I’ve spent my whole life designing and remodelling homes, so I know exactly what is needed before you begin any bathroom project. At this point, I could probably put together a rough list rather quickly, but I never do that. I do a ton of behind-the-scenes planning before beginning any project.

Usually, I start by helping my clients arrange a dream board and conclude with an extremely thorough spreadsheet. And throughout my career, I’ve found that the most important things in a bathroom remodel aren’t always the most obvious ones. While everyone loves a gorgeous tile design, certain factors require far more of your attention.

Here are five important things to be aware of to get a functional and beautiful bathroom space.

1. Visiting a Showroom Ensures You Get Quality Fittings

Bathroom showroom

It could be risky to purchase bathroom fittings solely on the basis of what you see online. It’s possible that the items you received fall short of your initial expectations and are of worse quality than promised.

For that reason, I highly suggest always visiting a bathroom showroom if possible. I understand it can be hard to do so considering how busy modern life can be, but renowned bathroom supply stores like Ken’s Plumbing have a wide network of showrooms throughout the country one can visit.

After more than three decades of providing plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry fittings throughout southeast and central Queensland, Kens Plumbing Plus has established a strong reputation as a pioneer in the plumbing supplies sector. Many of my clients have been working with the reliable Ken’s Plumbing company and they have nothing but praise for the team.

Ken’s Plumbing has some of the largest showrooms throughout regional Queensland, located in several suburbs such as Maryborough, Gladstone, South and North Rockhampton, Hidden Valley and others. There you can explore their range up in person including all the major brands in bathroom fittings such as Dorf, Caroma, Rheem, and Ram.

2. Bathrooms Can Get Expensive

Plan on renovating your bathroom head-to-toe with a budget of only a couple of thousand dollars? I’m sorry to break it to you, but in 2023, an average sized space required anything between $15 000 and $40 000 for labour, materials and fittings. While this is indeed costly, you want nothing but the best for your bathroom as it’s the most used room in the home and it needs to stand up to the wear and tear.

Setting realistic expectations for the how much you are willing to invest is crucial before starting any project. The cost of a redesign can vary depending on your bathroom’s size, the materials you wish to use, and whether you want to perform some of the work yourself.

3. Planning Is Key

Collect pictures of bathrooms that you like and create a Pinterest board where you can observe the at the same time. For instance, you might appreciate a certain photo’s arrangement of the shower, vanity, and toilet, but not necessarily the style, colour, or materials used in that area.

Consider what is beyond the bathroom walls if your ideal bathroom does not seem like it could ever fit in the available area. Is it possible to steal some space from a nearby bedroom, closet, or other unused space? Is it feasible to make more space by punching out of your house?

4. A Good Tiler Is Always Worth It

Tiler in bathroom

Gorgeous bathroom tiles aren’t worth it unless you get a professional who knows what he’s doing to install them. Do not attempt to tile yourself unless you have experience doing it and have done it successfully.

Both the planning and the actual tiling are artistic endeavours if you ask me. I’ve seen too many modern bathrooms that seem nice only when you take off your glasses off. It is impossible to ignore mishaps like misaligned tiles or uneven grout once you notice them.

A tiler who meticulously arranges each tile in the area to guarantee precisely where the cuts and grout lines should be placed is a treasure. Even though you might be tempted, resist the urge to take on a task that looks simple. particularly if your grout is contrasting.

A skilled tiler will complete the job faster than you could ever imagine and be able to apply epoxy grout correctly, providing you with a better and more durable finish than you could get with a typical cement-based grout. They will also be able to partially conceal an ugly edge or an uneven wall. Your first line of defence against water damage is the grout and tiles. Your entire room and subfloor are at risk from inferior tiling. Move away from the tiles and make a professional call.

5. You Need to Find a Temporary Bathroom Solution

Many folks lack a spare bathroom that they can use during renovations. If that applies to you, make plans in advance. While the work is being done, think about renting somewhere else for a month, joining a local gym (many offer free trials), or hiring a portable toilet or shower from a trustworthy builder.

While none of these are perfect, you will not regret a month of inconvenience when you walk into your stunning new bathroom if you are going to construct one to last.