Jumping on a trampoline

Taking Trampolining to the Next Level: Essential Accessories for a Thrilling Bounce Experience

Now that urban areas are getting jam-packed to the point of affecting the size of the households, having a home with a considerable outdoor space is a true blessing – one that we may not be fully aware of. But, what’s the use of having it if you don’t get to spend time in it as a family? To talk yourselves into making the most of it, the solution lies in making it as appealing as possible to everyone.

This includes appealing to the youngest of the bunch too! And while kids may seem easier to please than adults when it comes to furnishings and aesthetics, keep in mind they do tend to have a short attention span and can easily get bored before moving on to the next best thing within minutes. One tried and tested idea that’s sure to bring lots of hours of entertainment for your little ones is to surprise them with a trampoline and a full set of accessories for trampolines to make for an unforgettable outdoor experience.

What Are Good Reasons to Get a Trampoline?

Well, let’s start with the fact it’s a fun kind of low-impact aerobic exercise that helps your child’s development, specifically if we consider it positively affects the strengthening of the muscles and posture, leading to improved overall fitness. Don’t take it from me, take it from experts like NASA who’ve said that trampolining is a better form of exercise than jogging, with much less effort. The best of it all is the kiddos won’t even realise it’s a workout!

Besides also improving their motor skills, coordination and balance, a trampoline can equally lead to an improvement in their behaviour as they’d get to spend all of the energy that could otherwise lead to temper tantrums. Unlike electronics, kids’ favourite source of entertainment nowadays, this effective and fun addition to the home can also turn out to be the ideal stress-relief solution after a tiring school day full of tasks and errands.

Not to mention, jumping without focusing on anything can significantly boost the immune system and confidence. Moreover, it’s the perfect spot to do some family bonding as it’s fit for adults as well; use it for meditation or yoga, and see for yourself how easily you’d get hooked. There are various trampoline designs in differing sizes and colours, created for kids (and I might as well say adults too) of different ages, with or without a safety pad, so it’s easy to find the one that best suits your family’s needs.

How to Make Trampoline More Fun?

Alright, now that I got your attention on why it’s a good idea to get one, I’ll share with you some extra bits of advice on how to make it entertaining, from trampoline accessories to buy to types of games you can play. You may not think you need this inspiration, but trust me, once they grow tired of all the rebounding, and the trampoline becomes just another item in the yard, you’d be glad you know what to do next to continue with the outdoor fun for more seasons.

Top It off With a Roof

Trampoline with roof
source: pinterest.nz

Besides offering a nice shade to let the games continue even during the hot sunny days, a specialised roof can also add more interest to this area. This is especially a welcome addition if you don’t have room in your yard for a cubby house too, as it would provide them with the sense of having their own little world they can go to when feeling overwhelmed. Not to mention the added sense of safety and security that these roofs can provide, especially for younger children.

A cover like this can further prove to be of help if you want to get a good sleep under the stars as a family without the annoying bugs, serving as a preparation for an actual camping adventure, for example. It’s also great for a movie night outdoors, cuddling up and relaxing together while watching a family film with a projector.

Get a Basketball Hoop

Trampoline with basketball hoop
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If you want to double the fun and the exercise, let kids play basketball. This isn’t a regular kind of hoop but rather one that’s created for the specifics of the rebound tumbler so you ensure a great activity that’s safe at the same time.

It’s among the affordable types of accessories for trampolines and it’s easy to set up and enjoy. In addition to playing a nice one-on-one session, you can also use it for a H.O.R.S.E. game. Other ball activities could include a hopper or an inflatable beach ball. Whichever the choice of activity, remember to equip your kids with non-slip breathable socks to prevent slipping.

Add Some Lights

Trampoline with lights
source: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Why should the fun come to an end as soon as the sun sets? You can get the peace of mind the kids are safe and sound outside, away from the electronics, with a specialised LED light strip created to be added on the trampoline safety net rim that comes with a remote you can use to set light effects, change colours, and choose light brightness.