Designer Bathroom Accessories: The Elements to Give Your Bathroom a Luxurious Upgrade

Who needs a spa when you can have that in your own bathroom? It doesn’t matter whether or not you have the space to add a sauna or a hot tub, what matters is each and every detail you put in it that helps tie the whole room together and makes it warm and pleasant, like a sanctuary ought to be.

I used to like the thought of going to spas to relax, getting excited about the trend until I wasn’t because I figured I am already feeling the rest and relaxation I need in my own home, specifically the bathroom and I have the bathroom accessories to thank for the spa-like luxury.

I might as well say they’re proof it’s all in the details when you want to add the much-needed texture and finishing touch. Best of all is you can count on both functionality and aesthetics when you opt for decorating with these elements.

So if you want just the one advice from me on how to decorate a bathroom to make it feel like a spa it would be to find the bathroom accessories designer made and you’d be able to accentuate the space seamlessly.

Focus on the Aesthetics and Function

Just because they’re essential in creating a harmonious ambiance doesn’t mean you can’t go overboard and exaggerate with the accessorising. The key in accomplishing a great outcome is in being mindful with the pieces you choose. To be sure the choice you make is the right one, think about the specific place where you intend to put the accessories, and then envision the whole bathroom.

For instance, if you have a smaller home, and your toiletries are always in the way creating a mess that not even a storage container can fix it, why not get a shower caddy to keep the conditioners, hair masks, shampoos and body wash at hand and help clear out some crucial space around the sink.

Now, that’s a stylish way of introducing organiser storage to the shower wall and best of all is you can find models that are removable, reusable and don’t leave residue. Besides, you could always repurpose them for men’s grooming products, for example, so it’s money well-spent.

Furthermore, even if you don’t find some bathroom accessories designer made to be of essence, have in mind they were just created to be of necessity as is the case with soap dishes keeping the sticky soap mess away from your sink, therefore why not make use of this necessity and choose an eye-catching soap dish that would add interest to the area.

The same goes for the toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder, as well as the towel rails, all elements in making a bathroom user-friendly and practical. Nowadays, when there are endless design options, you’re sure to find something that you’d be able to personalise the room with without having to spend a fortune for it.

These are easy solutions to giving your bathroom a sanctuary vibe as opposed to say a grand makeover that’s noisy and costly, and you can add them and replace them whenever you want without any trouble.

Consider the Style

Since it’s to do with bathroom accessories designer collections abound in, you’re supposed to find the pieces that accessories the interior décor, either adding to the style or mixing it up with other styles that would result in a glamorous outcome.

You can’t go wrong choosing modern designs in neutral colours, because they aren’t an eyesore and go with just about anything; they really make for an easy update in the bathroom look.

One of my personal favourites is a concrete tray because of the smooth lines and soothing colour that simply make it ideal for any kind of sink, be it free-standing or a wall-mount, in any material or colour, and with any tapware for that matter.

Even if you don’t have space to place it on the sink or a vanity unit, you could always opt for a smaller size or better yet, place it on a small chair by the shower or bathtub and have your toiletries and extra essentials for relaxation, such as candles and essential oils, within grasp. It brings about an instant luxury, the kind you’d expect at spas and hotels.

Furthermore, one of the main features in a bathroom, the mirror, deserves the same amount of attention if not more, because it’s bound to be an accent piece that you get to look at every day first thing in the morning.

The shape, size and frame you opt for all have their role in the décor, though you’re also going to love having more of the natural light inside using it to reflect it. Likewise, you could hang a landscape painting or prints and posters on the opposite wall and visually invite more of nature inside, sure to liven up the room.