furniture dolly

Furniture Dolly: The Means to Pulling Off Hassle-Free Moving

When you have a job you love every day feels like a holiday. I must say I enjoy my job because I enjoy being creative, filling up homes with carefully chosen items to make them feel like homes and then get the reward of smiles and hugs in the end which is the cherry on top; seeing how happy my clients are with the job I’ve done is just priceless!

There are of course the not-so-happy moments when I see clients making the wrong decision like the ones when it comes to handling their possessions in cases of relocating. Regardless whether it’s handling antiques, designer pieces or anything you bought at the flea market, it’s still part of your belongings and as such requires more care than simply deciding to pack up the way you see fit.

Though I’m not a fan of DIY when it comes to this, especially when you don’t have the needed experience moving specialists do, I still get it that not everyone likes the idea of leaving matters into others’ hands so my suggestion is acquiring a furniture dolly.

Dollies are some of the greatest inventions the human mind has come up with if you ask me because though they’re compact they can take a large amount of load and rid you of the physical work while at the same time speed up the moving process.

I found myself dealing with a reluctant old couple some days ago and they just couldn’t imagine anyone else moving their precious furniture but their sons so the dollies really came in handy.

If you’re looking for reasons to use them have this in mind: they help you easily move furniture, yes this includes heavy items too, from the home to the moving truck with minimal risks to accidental drops and injuries.

You’d be surprised as much as I was to know there are those types of furniture dolly equipped with non-marking poly wheels ideal for carpet floors that are easy to handle, move around in any direction and have a load capacity of up to 600kg, as well as those created for really heavy lifts like those suitable for pianos and wardrobes.

Since I’ve been through moving myself and hired services of professional movers I didn’t really think much about dollies up until now so finding out what these babies are made for and how much weight they can carry I would definitely not hesitate to count on their help if I find myself in such a situation.