Diaper Bag

Things to Consider When Choosing a Diaper Bag

Let’s be honest moms’, one of the most commonly used fashion accessory – the handbags, is slowly but surely replaced by the diaper bag. Once your baby is here, the most common and constant fashion companion of yours would be the diaper bag. Also known as the never-leave-home-without-it accessory, diaper bags are the perfect way to take care of your baby’s messes when on the go. Although in the past diaper bags were few and not that common, nowadays, you have the freedom to choose from the large selection of styles, sizes, shapes, types and materials. On the other hand, this can make the choice more difficult, especially if you are a new mom. In order not to feel lost, you should follow some of the basic rules that can certainly help you find the right type of diaper bag.


Functional Diaper Bag
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Just like your handbag, a diaper bag needs to be functional as it needs to hold both yours and your baby’s essentials. When in the search for the right diaper bag, make sure to choose one that is going to support you through all of your daily trips. When thinking about enough mommy space, you should look at diaper bags for baby that have enough space to hold your daily essentials like wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses and some toiletries. On the other hand, functional diaper bags for baby should have enough space for your baby’s essentials like storing several diapers, baby wipes, nappy cream, water and milk bottle, an extra outfit, thinner blanket, a pacifier and some toy. Although this is a lot of stuff we are talking about, the truth is that you can find a smaller or medium-sized diaper bag, that doesn’t look large or bulky. How come? Well, it’s all on how well-organized the bag is on the inside. If the bag’s inside is separated the right way and has all the needed pockets, you can easily tuck everything on the inside and enjoy wearing it everywhere you go without feeling like carrying huge luggage with you.


Stylish Diaper Bag
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Gone are the days when there was a limited choice of diaper bags. Nowadays, you have the freedom to choose between different styles, colours, sizes and shapes. The colour you choose can mainly depend on your personal taste and preference. But you should keep in mind that while more appealing, diaper bags in lighter colours are more prone to stains and dirt. When it comes to the style, you can opt for the traditional style and the purse type of diaper bags. While the first type was the most commonly used over the years, nowadays, modern moms are relying more on the purse type of diaper bags. The reasons are obvious, they are more stylish, appealing and chic.

Carry Options

Shoulder Diaper Bag
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Today’s diaper bags have three different carry options, messenger strap, shoulder strap and a backpack. The messenger strap bags are quite common among both moms and dads since these bags can free your hands since they are designed to be worn over the shoulder. They are functional, easy to put on and off while keeping your hands free to handle anything that throws your way. Whether pushing the stroller or dealing with your other kid, these bags are great for these kinds of situations. Having another handle or a secondary carry option, these bags have proven quite versatile and handy. The shoulder strap diaper bags are also great as they also allow to be worn on the shoulder. Just like the messenger bag, they are easy to carry while also providing you with the needed space.

The last but not least option are the backpack diaper bags. They are considered as quite trendy mainly because of their look, fabric and design options. However, the most important reason why moms love wearing a backpack diaper bag is that once put on the back, they will stay in place and go nowhere. Unlike the shoulder and messenger bags which can fall off and get in between the legs when wanting to grab something and leaning on, these bags will stay in place no matter what you do. Plus, by wearing a backpack, its weight will be distributed evenly across your back, so you won’t have to deal with shoulder or pains in the arm.


Nappy Bag

The most important thing to have in mind when choosing a diaper bag is opting for a material that is durable, easy to clean and appealing, of course. Genuine leather, faux leather, glazed coated canvas, nylon, coated nylon and waterproof scuba fabric are among the most commonly used types of fabrics for diaper bags. Although all of them can look appealing and stylish, practice shows that choosing a waterproof material or at least a diaper bag lined on the inside with waterproof fabric is the best thing you can choose.