Pulling Off an Interior Update: Introduce the Scandinavian Style Charms

If you find yourself growing tired of the interior décor, you’re not the only one. Now that inspiration is all around us, seeing interior styles and furnishings all over the internet, plus the shows on TV, it’s understandable if you want to infuse your home with a change or two every now and then.

Most of my clients find themselves at the crossroads of not knowing where to begin with when wanting to transform their abodes with less, whether it’s necessary to go for a full makeover or just some pieces are enough to make a difference.

You don’t have to get rid of everything old and bring everything new to make a change, I pulled off an update in my home only by adding cross back chairs so my point is even an item can make a difference which is great when you don’t have much of a budget to begin with.

When I’m first asked to work on a project, update the interior design, I ask them to name what they simply can’t do without, then I know what I can eliminate and fill up with. In terms of styles I prefer and suggest Scandinavian because it’s so easy to work with; yes, even in a combination with other styles!

In my latest project, I updated a kitchen with the addition of Scandinavian furniture chairs complementing a vintage square table. Available in a vast range of designs, they’re equally pretty and practical, and the predominant natural feel that stems from the materials such as oak, is just what’s needed to add to the warmth of a home.

Not only did they pull the dining area together, something essential in an open concept kitchen, they made the space airy without making it feel austere. Though they offer simplicity and minimalism you’d notice and marvel the craftsmanship which is also part of the warmth and one of the elements that makes this style irresistible.

Choosing the Scandinavian furniture chairs with custom upholstery in light green allowed my clients to have a say in the design and get a personalised outcome but what they appreciated even more was the fact they can use these chairs as extra seating wherever needed.

Best of all is this kind of aesthetic functional blend makes perfect as accent furniture as well so my idea is if there ever comes a time when they’d want to update the interior again, they could buy a smaller dining table, possibly round for a more intimate ambiance, and use a pair of the eight chairs as accent in the living room, bedroom or even the entry.

Another way of inviting more of the style is to pay attention to the colours, choosing whites, browns, greens and greys to emphasise the calm and warm look, though turning to actual greenery is more than welcome too.

Don’t be afraid to have fun with textures either, it can be anything, from artworks and rugs in bold colours like orange, to fun wall clocks and eye-catching lighting fixtures, or if none of these speaks to you, just a cushion, throw or new candle holder would do the trick. After all, Scandinavian is about getting sophistication from simplicity!