Macbook Pro Retina

Learn How to Upgrade Your Macbook Pro Retina SSD Drive (When in Need of Extra Memory Storage)

When I got my MacBook Pro laptop, I was somehow convinced that I’ll never have to worry about not having enough memory to store all my photos, videos, cartoons and animated movies I download for Matthew. I mean, isn’t this a state-of-the-art piece of technology that is designed to meet the eternal need of its users for storing various pieces of data? I won’t discuss that technological part of the matter since I’m not qualified to. However, I can discuss the need for extra storage and the offered solutions for it. I may not be a tech geek who knows all the terms and hacks when it comes to technology, but I can do research. And oh, how I love doing research and learning new stuff!

So when I tried to transfer the photos of my latest photo shoots from the designing projects I did on my MacBook Pro, I got a message that I don’t have enough storage space on my hard drive. Apparently, it’s filled with files although I don’t really do a lot of photo/video editing or something as complex. And you know me: when faced with a problem, I rely on my ability to do quality research on the eternal source of information, guides and video tutorials – the Internet.

When you need extra storage on your MacBook Pro

Apparently, when your MacBook Pro sends you a message that you need more memory, you need to replace your SSD, or solid state drive. The procedure is fairly easy and all you need to do is buy MacBook Pro Retina SSD. Some retailers offer a full kit that comprises of a SSD, suitable screwdrivers for taking the drive off the laptop and even an external drive enclosure which will allow you to store the old SSD and restore your files.

How does the procedure go?

Once you determine your laptop model and the type of SSD you need to get, the next thing to do is install it. Before you buy MacBook Pro Retina SSD, I’d suggest you do the research on the element itself. Here are the basic information you need to know:

  • there are two large manufacturers of this memory drive: OWC and Transcend;
  • there are kits comprised of the drive and the necessary enclosure for the old drive;
  • there are various memory capacities as well, ranging from 240 GB to 960 GB of extra memory depending on the manufacturer.

So once you get your drive, you need to use the screwdrivers to open the backside and get the old drive out. Then, you safely place it in its specialized enclosure which will allow you to restore the data you had on your old drive. After you get the old SSD out, you should simply put the new one in its place and make it fit perfectly. With that being done, you can screw the cover back on the new SSD and close everything. You’ll need to do the recovery process, so turn the MacBook Pro on, and hold down Command+R. That will start the Internet Recovery Process which is fairly easy to conduct because it will lead you through a special program that does take a little time, but it’s fairly simple.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a computer expert to know how to add a little extra memory storage to your lap top when you need it. You just need to sit down, employ your mind into the whole thing, get it done for free and be happy about the results.