Modern occasional chairs

The Basics of Choosing the Right Modern Occasional Chair for Your Interior

I am good at my job. Not to brag, but I really am, considering the numerous renovations, refreshments and complete designs I did at the homes of my clients. And what stands as the ultimate proof that I am good at what I do, is when my clients give recommendations to their friends and family members and they decide to hire me! I’ll share my secret with you: I pay attention to the small things my clients want, which ultimately are the things that make them happy. And you know how it goes – happy clients always return.

While talking about the little things that an interior designer can give to her clients and put a smile on their face, I have to mention the power of the modern occasional chairs. They have just the right amount of drama paired with all the right furniture pieces for a completely stylish whole. The accent chair is the type of chair that usually doesn’t fit in the interior design you already have, but is perfectly combined with some decorative elements like pillows, photo frames, wall clocks or similar and in that way adds personality to the room. With that being said, choosing the right accent chair comes down to following a few simple concepts, as explained by an interior designer.

The Style

There are various styles of accent chairs you can choose from: club chairs, recliners, wing chairs – you name it. The point here is to choose the chair that will fit the overall room design. If your room is modern with a lot of metal parts such as table legs, chair legs and metal photo frames attached on the walls, then you should normally go with modern occasional chairs that are as stylish. This means no wooden parts and no ordinary shape which will eventually end up being a sore thumb.

The Right Material

A rule of thumb: the accent chair shouldn’t differ much from the material of the sofas and the other chairs. That means, if you have leather sofas, the accent chair should also be made of leather, or if your sofas are covered in suede or linen, then the accent chair should go in the same combination. Normally, the colour would differ, but the material should stay the same, or at least be in the same material group with the base, which is the seating furniture.

How to Choose Patterns

Patterns are good when your room design simply doesn’t have any meaning. The best pattern to go with in these cases would be a base colour like the one the rest of the furniture does, and the other colour would be different, something that will add a dose of charm and drama to the room. It will also instantly become the focal point in that room and attract the attention of your guests leaving the impression that you have a very sharp eye for design.

All in all, modern occasional chairs are always a good idea when you want to refresh your home, change the way the rooms look, or add a tone of certain charm to their appearance. They don’t cost much and yet, they can make a huge difference.


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