Want Sustainable Lifestyle? Shop in Bulk!

As we find ourselves more and more in a consumerist mess, I’m very hopeful humanity is on the right track in fighting off this problem thanks to the many trends we see of late, sustainable ones, and it all starts with small changes in the day to day life when we decide to give them a chance.

I like to think of the often falsely attributed quote to Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world” and teach my sons why it’s important for them to act it out and explained like this they’re more than willing to do whatever they can to help save Mother Nature.

I already wrote about our organic habits, so my husband and I don’t only tend to eat organic but live organic too. One of our latest missions as a family is to cut down on waste as best we can primarily by doing bulk shopping.

I used to think only grocery shopping was best done in bulk but I’ve come to change my mind in thinking all-things bulk, including homewares and accessories, especially natural soaps (I love the goat milk soap!), detergents, toilet paper and tissues.

This not only brings about cost-efficient benefits as I happen to pay much less than when buying individually, it’s good for the environment too as there’s more in quantity and less in packaging.

Other items I’ve had the chance to buy when doing bulk shopping were toys since come in handy for my boys’ playtime but for presents as well considering they attend many birthday parties, and if you have forgetful parents like mine who have the affinity to lose specific items, such as hats in my father’s case and reading glasses in my mother’s, I got great deals on them too.

I’m not saying it’s not easy to exaggerate with this kind of shopping, on the contrary it’s easy to lose track of your purchases more so when they’re affordable which is why we’ve come up with a system: first we all make lists of items we want in bulk, explaining why we want them (backing with facts is important), then we make one big list, and decide together on the necessities and those that can be crossed off.

The last thing I want is buying something that I don’t need and would dispose of quickly, ending up creating more waste so I’ve corrected some of my shopping excesses by gifting them to friends and relatives or donating them.

At the end of the day, I come to realise it’s also saved me time as I like to shop in bulk online, so all I can say is so far so good! Are you fond of this kind of shopping? I’d like to hear your opinion on it so be sure to comment!