Voluminous lashes

Vegan Mascara: What Voluminous Lashes Are Made Of!

If you’re a mum like me, you probably don’t have too much time to organise your thoughts, let alone do some pampering. Gone are the days when you were the main star of the show, the most important person in your life when you had all the time in the world to go shopping, do skin care, and do your makeup. Or so you thought!

It wasn’t that long ago that I shared this opinion, however I came to the conclusion it doesn’t take that much to care for yourself as you used to, and all it takes is simplifying the routine in a few basic steps. What also helped me establish and keep up with this mum-friendly makeup routine was jotting it all down in my trusted Hobonichi companion, so take note.

Another strategic move that could further influence you to look after your skin, looks, and health altogether is being careful with the beauty products you buy. Invest in a cheap product, and you won’t feel too motivated either because of the low quality or the way the chemicals affect your skin; invest in a high-quality vegan product, and you’d be amazed how willing you are to work on your looks despite lacking the energy first thing in the morning.

One of the essentials I swear by lately is my mascara. Sometimes, I admit, it’s not easy to follow through with each step, so I mainly focus on the eyes, as they’re the area that mostly adds to a striking result. And, it’s not just with any kind of product, but one of the tried-and-tested natural mineral vegan mascaras great for voluminous lashes as much as overall health, and the environment.

Why Use Vegan Mascara?

Applying vegan mascara
source: beautybay.com

No more crying when enhancing the volume of the lashes would be my main reason, however it’s certainly not the only one. The fact the ingredients are carefully chosen and organic, such as plant powders, extracts and oils, in the likes of Rosmarinus officinalis and Thymus vulgaris, shows clearly this makeup isn’t only good for the eyes (especially those that are sensitive), but the skin in general as well.

If you have any allergies, be they skin or eye related, or issues like rosacea, you don’t have to fret the mascara is going to trigger them in any way. And, in general, this makes it safe for your health as well so slathering the mascara next time shouldn’t give you health scares of illnesses and conditions. The best of it all is you don’t have to be vegan with your diet to benefit from this makeup choice.

It’s also the perfect solution for anyone who cares to make ethical choices with the shopping, taking a stand for helping put an end to cruel animal testing. Besides the ingredients and testing, everything in and of the vegan mascaras is ethical, from the brush hair which isn’t made from horse, pony or mink fur, to the packaging they come in.

This makes them safe for the environment too, as they don’t contain the usual nasties the traditional makeup choices do, and the containers and boxes they come in are eco-friendly and safe for recycling. What this means is you won’t have to worry about contributing to the landfills packed with waste with your shopping choices either. It’s a great move if you want to lead an eco-friendlier lifestyle that would continue to inspire you to make smart decisions.

How to Find the Perfect Mascara for You?

Eyelashes with applied mascara
source: adorncosmetics.com.au

You don’t have to be too health conscious to pay attention to what’s in your beauty care and what you put on your face. As there’s been a lot of greenwashing over the recent years, being careful even when shopping for natural mascara would be of help with choosing the ideal product for you, and later on knowing what to pick from when it comes to the rest of the makeup essentials.

The easiest way to go about the experience is to start with the ingredients. Look for those that have natural plant ingredients, and those that are suitable for your skin type if you know what has good effects. Vitamins, like A, C, and E are all nice picks too in terms of skin health and preserving the natural moisture. If you care about avoiding smudging, then a little wax won’t do you harm either, so don’t skip it if you see it listed.

Aloe vera is another great ingredient to keep an eye on for its skin-moisturising, anti-ageing, and soothing benefits. If you do happen to spot things like parabens, synthetic dies, or formaldehyde, then it’s a sign to stay away from the product. Besides the colour of the mascara itself, it’s important to check the type of the brush also as they come in different shapes and sizes. You need to buy based on what works for you, choosing from curved wand, tapered wand, thick or thin wand, spherical or hour-glass wand.