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Vitamin C: The Main Nutrient to Keep Optimal Health and Well-Being in the Family

The world may have changed from the times when women were far from the breadwinning position in the family, but caregiving is still one of the main responsibilities of a mum. The mum of today takes up a myriad of roles in the household, from being the main chef, the manager of activities, the teacher, and the accountant, to the nurse. And this last one has been my favourite for quite some time.

Sure, there are sleepless nights and worrying to take into account, but there’s a rewarding feeling when you look after your little ones, besides your husband, and you take care of everyone’s health and well-being. No job in the world could provide the same emotion, and seeing them all doing amazing is the best.

Working on boosting immunity is my main focus because that’s how we’ve managed to avoid some more serious health issues, while also significantly reducing the occurrence of colds and the flu. You might as well say fighting against sniffles and ah-choos is my superpower! Naturally, the main ace up my sleeve is vitamin C, the water-soluble nutrient required for a healthy immune system. This winter, I’ll share some of the strategies with you, so you too can increase the vit C intake of the fam.

When All Else Fails, Get the Supps

I hear you, you’d rather get the real deal than the alternative but hear me out. As a mum, you want the best for your kids, and when they fail to get the proper intake of this essential nutrient through the tasty foods you so lovingly prepare for them, you get the next best thing. That is a vitamin C dietary supplement of quality that comes from an organic source and not a synthetic one.

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Yes, there are some good brands on the market that you can swear by, and trust with your little ones’ health and well-being. Herbs of Gold, Brauer are some names you should check out, having the peace of mind you’re not bringing any nasties like sweeteners, colouring, or additives to your children’s life. It’s important to take this antioxidant since it’s not synthesised in our bodies naturally, and yet it has a crucial role in many functions in addition to immunity. It’s needed for the metabolism, iron absorption, and biosynthesis of L-carnitine, collagen, as well as neurotransmitters.

If the cold symptoms already appeared within the family, you can still pull through with ease and shorten the duration by getting an immune boost with a vitamin C dietary supplement in combination with other crucial nutrients, such as vitamin D and zinc. These are your best allies for supporting and enhancing the body’s natural defence against illnesses. If the kiddos aren’t too keen on the tablets, there’s lots to choose from that’s equally healthy and tasty.

Besides the powder form, you can find these supps in liquid form too. To make this easier for them and help turn it into a habit without any fuss, ask them to assist you with shopping for the supplements. That way you can be sure they’d stick to the daily recommended dose without any hissy fits.

Squeeze a Little Lemon Everywhere

You’ve probably heard it being talked about by the elderly in your life that lemon is one of the best sources of vitamin C. And it’s true, even though it might not have as much as we think, considering there are other fruits that have more vitamin content. Oranges, grapefruit, and guava have more of the vitamin than lemons, as well as foods you might not expect, as in the case of the red bell pepper with 141% more of the nutrient.

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Still, with 53 mg of the vitamin per 100 g of juice, the lemon is a great option to seamlessly up the family’s intake without having to force them into it. With a fresh start of the day with a glass of warm water and half a lemon juice, you’d be able to reap the powerful antioxidant properties and prevent cell damage from oxidation.

You can also get in the habit of adding it to every smoothie or dish you prepare at home, as it’s the perfect way to boost the flavour and make the drink or food fresher. With soups, it takes away the heaviness of the fat, while balancing out the rich salty flavours. Much like salt, you’d come to realise how big of a potential it has in making everything taste infinitely better, and best of all you can all use this opportunity to cook together.

It’s easy to squeeze it into sauces and drinks – yes, even your coffee! Moreover, it’s just as easy to include it in salads, and pasta, as it is with vegetables, as you can bake your favourite pastries and cookies with it, and use it with some homemade snacks, cakes, and muffins. I don’t have to mention it’s the perfect flavour enhancer with chicken, fish, and pork, right? One lemon may not be enough to help you meet the daily recommended dose as you would get it with a vitamin C supplement however little by little one gets a lot.

Make the Daily Diet More Colourful

Yes, eating the rainbow is advisable since this important nutrient can be found everywhere. Tomatoes, bell peppers, brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, as much as kiwi, all sorts of berries, red capsicum, papaya, and citrus fruits are all great options to up your intake of this antioxidant. Add them to dishes, throw them in the blender to make juices or sauces, eat them raw, or a little cooked with every meal and you’re good!