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Concrete Pots: The Reasons I Love Them!

I love my new garden pots! Plants are always a great way to add some new accents and finishing touches in your home without breaking your bank given that nowadays nature is one of the key elements in freshening up the interior décor.

Concret Pots

The texture of the leaves certainly brings liveliness to any room, and it makes you feel happiness when you see your care helps plants thrive. Of course, the other reason I love indoor plants is using the chance to decorate with the pots. I’ve picked out different designs and materials over the years, but I’ve turned into a fan of concrete pots as of late.

Concret Pots

Apart from the versatility, I am amazed by how multi-purpose they are, serving not only as pots but also turning to be great for storage of cutlery, utensils, stationery and even some hair accessories. If I ever get tired of using them as pots, something I really don’t see coming, I know I could reuse them as stylish storage containers.

Sure, not everyone’s crazy about concrete or its looks however fact is it’s becoming quite the material in the home decorating scene and you can go as small or big as you like in inviting it in your abode, from the addition of pots like me to pendants, tables, desks, countertops and even sinks.

concrete pots cream white

Don’t be fooled by its cold look, it still brings a sense of modernism and chic utility anywhere you use it, and it goes well with just about any style already present in your home. Given its neutral colour, you have the freedom to use it as your neutral canvas, decorating with whatever colour and texture you please.

concrete pots living room

Speaking of canvas, you can even take matters into your own hands and try to bring out your artistic self, painting over it. For now I’m happy with the way my concrete pots look but if I ever feel the need to modify them, I could use some gold patterns to add a bit of spark to them; not that difficult to see I’m into all-things girly, is it?

The Reasons I Love These Pots

Yes, there are extra reasons I fell in love with these pots (both lighter and darker concrete) so it’s not just their sleek looks I’m into.

Concret Pots ceramic

Since the first and foremost use for me is gardening, I’m amazed by the combination of sturdiness and the variety of sizes, both of which make them suitable for various sorts of plants, including trees depending on the size of pot you choose, so there’s enough room for proper root establishment, essential for the health of each and every plant.

Thanks to this sturdiness, they’re among the most durable of pots which makes them difficult to be damaged or destroyed, great for people who worry the pots could be run over by kids or pets. Even if they end up being knocked, your plants would still remain unharmed and that’s all that matters.

Concret Pots cream

For anyone planning on having the plants outdoors, what’s great about having these pots is the fact they provide the much-needed insulation, protecting your leafy pets. Just make sure you pay attention to the colour of the concrete, knowing darker absorbs more heat, so if you live in an area with warmer climate or the plants are in direct sunlight, it’s best to opt for lighter coloured concrete pots.

Adequate Care

While for many the thought of providing adequate care to the plants is just watering whenever needed, pruning and fertilising, truth is care begins with the choice you make regarding the pots. As I mentioned, they need the suitable size so the roots establish well, meaning when you decide to purchase from the variety of concrete pots, always check the size first based on the plant.

concrete pots black

Proper root growth requires neither too big nor too small pots, so going for the golden middle. Likewise, given that drainage is important, it’s essential to look for pots with drainage holes though don’t be discouraged from buying the one that caught your eyes just because it’s got no holes.

The secret isn’t in drilling holes with a drill bit (at least not for me) but in planting the plant in a small pot with drainage holes, then placing it in the posh concrete pot, and taking it out after each watering for proper drainage; that’s how I pull it off with my plants and pots, no damaged pot design, no rotten roots!

Concret Pots

Lastly, along with the occasional fertilising and the addition of a potting mix, it’s necessary to repot and change the soil. Though it could depend on the plant, usually it’s best to do so every 12 to 18 months, but keep an eye on how quickly or slowly your plant grows to know whether or not you’d have to do this earlier than the 12th month or later than the 18th.

Get Your DIY On?

As I discovered, I share this love of mine with a friend, with one little difference: she loves to make her own pots! As I was wondering how to make concrete pots, asking her to share some tips with me, and how long it takes, I realised I don’t have that much time at hand to spend on making (or at least trying to) some when I can simply get online and order in an instant.

Concret Pots sunlight

One can easily find DIY tutorials with detailed instructions on how to make small concrete pots, or big, whichever you choose, though doing the math on buying concrete, and using plastic buckets that you may or may not damage, to me it pays off to just invest in ready-made stylish designs – no sweat!