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9 Best Gifts to Spoil Any New Mother in Your Life

You don’t have to be a parent yourself to understand what an adventure bringing new life to existence is! Just recently, my best friend and creative partner had a baby with his wife. A baby girl! I remember the trembling in his voice when he called to announce the news that everything had gone well, and then a little pause, before mentioning how physically exhausted has his wife been feeling since.

Soon after ending the conversation with him, I could not stop thinking about what it is that I can contribute to making her life a bit easier at this important moment of their lives. I know how much I appreciated it when baby Matthew arrived, and family and friends went above and beyond to help me out in this new experience.

So, I started assembling a list of things every new mum needs that aren’t just baby-related stuff, but more like accessories, products, and services made just for her. I extended my research beyond just the internet and asked the mums in my close circle about what it is they truly wanted to get as a gift when they delivered their first baby. So, here comes my (as honest as it gets) list of presents for new mums in your life.

Trip to the Spa Centre

A trip to the spa is an excellent way to treat a new mother. Mums have told me that they can’t overestimate how fantastic a massage feels when they’re pregnant and later when they’re stressed all over from breastfeeding, baby schlepping, and parenting in general. When booking, keep in mind how restricted her time is, and if possible, select a location closer to her house. I missed my spa appointment for this very reason!

Bouquet of Love

Chocolate and flowers bouquet

Sending fresh flowers to the hospital when the baby arrives is a waste of money — everyone’s in a daze, and it’s a pain to get them home from the hospital. My advice is to send an arrangement to the house instead. Once she’s settled in her own home, it’s such a treat to have something pretty to brighten up her space since she’d be spending a lot of time cooped up inside.

Consider sending a dried floral arrangement, as fresh flowers would just give mum another living thing to take care of. But what’s even better, you can send a bouquet of chocolates along with other edible goods. Chocolate has truly been proven to always be somewhere high-up on any gift list, especially the exquisite new mum gifts list.

Stylish Headband

With a fashionable headband, you can easily solve a busy mum’s hair problem. Most new mums don’t have time to style their hair and prefer to wear the same comfortable clothes over and over. These headbands are gorgeously adorned and will quickly add a pop of colour and sparkle to any look. They are also useful during the difficult postpartum hair regeneration period. You’ll see her wearing one of these most days to spruce up her casual, post-pregnancy clothing.

Hair Treatment

You can also get her a gift card for her next appointment with her hairstylist. Many women experience a strange phase with their hair post-pregnancy, especially hair loss being the biggest problem here. That wasn’t the case with me, but I know of many women who went through the stress of regrowing hair.

If this new mum is a close friend of yours, you already know if she needs products for oily, thinned out hair or if she is dealing with dandruff. While usually you wouldn’t be buying cosmetics of medical nature for your friend, new mums don’t have the time or energy to think about hairstyling, so it’s a welcome gift. It can help her get a little confidence boost.

Quality Bath Robe

Quality New Mom Bathrobe

Two of the new mums I met with said that a robe was one of the finest postpartum new mum gifts they got. They never used to spend so much time in their pyjamas before the baby, but now they practically live in them. They actually look forward to putting on this gently textured cotton robe among their several loungewear alternatives. This is a fantastic present for any woman, but especially for new mothers who don’t have as much time to visit the spa centre. A silk robe is a wonderful alternative for summer if you want something more luxurious.

Luxurious Bath Towels

Shower time is precious, and anything to make it a bit more enjoyable is deeply appreciated. “During my first few weeks with a brand-new baby, showers felt like the one time completely for me, where I could actually shut out noises and distractions and simply feel a tiny bit normal again for ten minutes,” my friend and new mummy explained. “As a result, I am a big fan of anything that can make that sacred time feel a little more luxury, like lightweight waffle towels that quickly make your bathroom look better decorated and elevate your shower experience.” A luxurious bath towel is your go-to for thoughtful mum to be gifts.

Stylish Diaper Bag? Oh Yes!

Mom with stylish diaper bag

This fanny-pack-style backpack is another trendy diaper-bag alternative that is excellent for holding all the basics (think: phone, diapers, wipes, and pacifiers). If it has a waterproof wipes slot and a back pocket that flips out into a changing mat, it gets extra points. If you want to be minimalist but are in fact hoarder of all fine things like me, this is ideal for a brief park stroll or doctor’s appointment.

Orthopedic Shoes Go a Long Way

For something comfy for the feet, every mum I spoke to agreed that a pair of orthopaedic rubbery sandals are a must — and a bunch of other professionals who stand all day long vouch for their comfort, too. Orthopaedic sandals are supportive enough to wear while running around with toddlers, and are great for spills because they are waterproof and non-slip. Plus, they are sturdy enough to run all of your errands in, and even drive the car. This one is one of my personal favourites of all presents for new mums or busy women (aren’t we all?) in general.

Relaxing Body Oils

Self care gift box

An appealing body oil selection in four different fragrances may be just what she needs to improve her mood and unwind at least for a moment at the end of a long day. Choose natural body oils made of the finest plant oils sourced from organic and fair-trade farming partnerships. Soothing lavender, summery sea buckthorn, romantic wild rose, and revitalizing pomegranate are great options to restore a sense of harmony, at home or away. The biggest plus is that natural oils are easy to apply, and they get absorbed by the skin quickly, keeping you hydrated for many hours to come.