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Kids’ Nike Shoes: Comfortable, Supportive, and Stylish Footwear for Little Ones

New mums usually have a lot on their plate, even way before the baby arrives. There are just so many things to take care of to prepare the home for this arrival, that it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. But, let me tell you, it’s far from over even when your little one is past this phase. Having a child in school means preparing him or her for the school year – every year.

Getting Ready for School

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As reports of the Commonwealth Bank revealed, back-to-school shopping in 2022 came to about an increase of at least 9% more than last year. Even more so for families with more than two kids! What many parents with pre-schoolers don’t realise is there are far more expenses than we imagine. In addition to the stationery and book materials, there are also the kid’s clothing and shoes. I would know since I used to be one of these parents.

Footwear is the most difficult to acquire for several reasons. One, despite the variety of options, not all of them offer quality for the price. Two, if we consider reason one, we often end up with shoes that don’t last through the whole school year so that’s another expense. Three, not all of them are designed to offer the needed comfort and support for delicate children’s feet.

Back in my childhood, I used to wear the same shoes for at least two school years, if not more, without so much as a scratch. After several trials and errors, and money down the drain, I now swear by the classic children’s Nike shoes that are as durable and comfortable as they’re stylish and trendy. Even if you don’t have pre-schoolers or students, you can still find awesome kicks, as this brand makes them for kids of all ages, from toddlers to big kids.

Why Is Nike Better Than Other Brands?

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The simple fact they’ve been on the market since the 1960s, and still manage to remain relevant and among the leaders with their designs and products, is self-explanatory. But there’s more to them – they’re big on implementing innovative technologies, their products are highly stylish and durable, designed with high-quality construction for maximum performance, and they’re huge in the world of sports.

Moreover, their shoes are versatile, not only in terms of fashion, colour, form, and features, but also with the purpose they’re designed for, so there are the right pair of shoes for various activities, be it running, playing some sports, or for everyday wear. The same can be said about the versatile children’s Nike shoes so you’ve got a whole range to shop from. The different types you can find are:


For youngsters who don’t know how to handle tying shoes, Nike has a unique Velcro design that’s easy to put on and happens to be the ideal in-between option compared to lace-ups and slip-ons. This type is just as easy to release, and perfect in case you’re looking for shoes with more adjustability as well since you get to control the strap to what’s most comfortable for your child.

Just because there’s a strap doesn’t mean these are designs only meant for toddlers – there are plenty of other shoes with one or more strap features made for the use of older kids who are too busy to deal with laces. And I find them rather convenient as a parent since I don’t have to deal with putting laces back on after a nice wash.


In case you don’t find Velcro to be all too cute, or functional, or you have kids old enough to know how to tie up their shoes, then you have a whole range of junior Nike sneakers with laces at your disposal. Considering they allow you to adjust them to what’s comfortable for your kids means they offer a nice and snug fit, plus a supportive foundation needed for foot health. More to the point, they’re considerably hard-wearing thanks to this increase in support around the shoe structure, making them a perfect choice for active kids.


Nike hi tops

If you’re looking for more coverage around the ankle area, for that added support, then these are the shoes you should buy. As the name explains it, this type of children’s Nike shoe has a high top made to give weak ankles the needed protection from injuries. These models are beneficial for kids doing high-impact sports and activities. Since Ethan’s first days and weeks of junior cricket put a lot of toll on his feet, and ankles, in particular, I had to get him a pair of high tops.


The simple design making this type of shoes easy to put on and take off is enough to understand why it’s remained among the most popular over the years. It’s this low profile that makes them really comfortable to wear on a daily basis, and the lack of coverage around the ankle area makes them breathable.

It’s also a great feature (or lack thereof) that helps prevent painful chaffing and blisters. I acquired some pairs of low-top big kids’ shoes not so long ago because they’re more comfortable and more affordable, and Nike just made them in my size. I guarantee I’m not the only adult who’s worn kids’ footwear. Lastly, since they’re pretty lightweight, they’re even suitable for little ones who are just getting on their feet and learning how to walk.