Parcel Mailbox

Parcel Mailboxes: The Modern Solution to My Online Shopping Problems

Being part of a fast-paced world with a 9-to-5 job and the role of a loving mum and wife doesn’t leave me with much time to enjoy shopping, let alone do some much-needed price comparison and research on great deals. Thank God for e-commerce!

Even if you aren’t a fan of online shopping, much to the favour of good-old in-store browsing, I’m sure you’d agree it offers some unique benefits that are impossible to object to. This especially became apparent throughout the COVID-19 pandemic when we were all in socially distancing and quarantining situations yet could still keep up with the essential purchases.

The sight of delivery trucks got so frequent in our street we invented our own family “Spot the Truck” game. Of course, we had our own part in those deliveries, but as exciting as it was to wait for them each time, a difficulty also surged – that of having the wrong mailbox. 

Parcel Mailboxes – The Mail Package Volume Transformation

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the previous mailbox I chose because of its effect on the overall curb appeal, yet size-wise it barely had anything to offer with its compact design fit only for the bills. As the mail volume deliveries came almost to a zero, on the account of an increase in package volume deliveries, this transformation led to a change in the mailbox design as we knew it.

Parcel Mailbox

So long small and outdated models, there are new beauties in town: the practical parcel mailboxes for sale made to suit online shopper families. When compared with their sleek and compact precursors, they may appear rather bulkier even though they’re available in a range of sizes themselves, but rest assured they make up for these extra centimetres. And we’re going to see exactly why that is!

Convenient Deliveries? Check!

Waiting for your delivery tends to turn into an ordeal when you have a small letterbox. I know what I’m saying because we used to get planted by the window whenever we were expecting our packages to avoid missing the doorbell and face the heart-breaking “Sorry We Missed You” notes.

Not to mention, when you have the right letterbox, you no longer have to pay attention to when you do the shopping or which delivery options you have to pick either because the hour isn’t a problem anymore. The elegant parcel letterboxes are synonymous with convenience as you don’t have to be present to have your long-awaited boxes safely delivered and stored.

They also spare you the trouble of entrusting neighbours with your precious mail or taking time-consuming trips to the post office and waiting in long lines. Knowing how time is literally money nowadays is reason enough to invest in such a useful addition to your home. And oh, there’s the benefit of not needing face-to-face contact in it for the introverts too who would gladly avoid getting the door for the delivery guy. Not to mention, the delivery guy in turn has the chance to avoid contact with people in quarantine. So, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Secure Mail? Check!

As mail theft is a real threat no shopper ever wants to experience, the modern solutions in the form of parcel mailboxes for sale cover the need for increased security. You won’t have to worry about leaving your boxes unattended and exposed to the thieves lurking around since the advanced designs have key and combination locks to give you the peace of mind you need.

Some even have safe mail slots which guarantee the parcels can’t be removed once they’ve been delivered thanks to an ingenious combination of a lid, internal panel and safe compartment. They also have the part for the smaller letter-like mail that still partially opens after the box has been securely stored, much to your convenience.


Safe Mail? Check!

Thieves aren’t the only threat you get to worry about when expecting delivery – weather can be quite scary too, especially when you live in the Land Down Under known for its harsh and often unpredictable climate. Leaving the parcels exposed to winds and rains means receiving your goods possibly damaged, which doesn’t even leave you with the chance to have them returned and replaced.

When you’ve got your own parcel mailboxes with quality construction made from top-notch materials in the example of galvanised steel known to bear well with wear and tear, you’ll never have to dread the weather forecast, or constantly check for precipitation and rains ever again. Supplied with easy to install anchor bolts, treated with a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish, your beloved goods will be kept nice and dry in these sturdy and durable mailboxes.

A Variety of Design Options? Check!

I couldn’t leave out this important benefit that I’m sure many design-oriented individuals would be glad to know. Just because they’re created for packages doesn’t mean they’re all the same. The minute you start searching for the ideal mailbox, you’re going to come across an array of models differing in size as much as in style.

Depending on the kind of mail you mostly receive, its size and form particularly, you can choose from parcel mailboxes for sale available in a range of sizes; from the small and slim, to the conveniently big. In terms of style and how you choose to have them installed, you’ve got the freestanding pillar, wall-mounted, fence-mounted as well as brick in letterboxes.

Parcel Mailboxes modern home

If like me you care about the curb appeal of your home, you’re probably concerned with the aesthetics of each and every element you choose for it. The mailboxes aren’t an exception in which case it’s necessary to be mindful with the choice of material, colour, and style too to create a harmonious outcome.

Since my home has got modern appeal, my obvious choice was the sleek wall-mounted design that doesn’t take up any floor space, amazing with its metal construction that complements the metal finishes of my home’s doors, windows, patio furnishings and lighting fixtures. As you see, there are so many reasons I love this new addition on the wall, I can’t imagine my online shopping without it!