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Newborn Checklist: Baby Care Products Must-Haves to Give Your Bub the Best Care

You already know that you’ll need a lot of diapers and diaper rash cream to take care of your newborn baby. But what other necessities should you get to be well prepared for when your bundle of joy arrives?

When shopping for baby products, you might be tempted to get all the cute baby toys and little clothes you come across. But hold on mama because there are more important things to focus on. Getting things that you won’t need yet will only create a mess, so it’s essential that you get what is really necessary for your newborn. Below is a checklist of the baby care products that are an absolute necessity in your little one’s wardrobe.

Cotton Clothes

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Cotton clothing should be dominant in your baby’s wardrobe. Your baby’s skin may not be able to handle clothing of any other material or texture than cotton. So, play safe by opting for 100% cotton made clothing that will keep your baby safe and comfortable. Keep in mind that you won’t need anything fancy in the first few weeks, so stick to simple and plain designs. Also, don’t get too many newborn clothing items because your baby will outgrow them faster than you can imagine. Consider getting 5-8 onesies, 3-4 baby sleepers, 5-7 pairs of socks and 1-2 newborn hats, depending on the climate.

Bath and Skincare Essentials

picture of a woman bathing a baby with bath and skincare products
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A newborn’s skin is very soft and sensitive. Using products that contain chemicals such as fragrances may result in severe rashes on your baby’s skin. So when shopping for bath and skin baby care products, make sure they are mild and fragrance-free. This will prevent irritation on your baby’s skin and will give your little one a soothing bathing experience.

Until your baby’s umbilical cord falls off, you should consider giving them a sponge bath. After that, bathing your baby three times a week should be enough. Remember that bathing your baby too often can cause their skin to dry out or become irritated. Between spit-ups and diaper changes, there’ll be lots of opportunities for spot cleaning in between baths.

For bathing your baby you’ll need a baby bathtub, 2-4 baby washcloths, 1-2 hooded towels, 1bottle of baby bath wash, 1 bottle of baby lotion and a baby bathtub.

Grooming Necessities

baby sitting in a bed surrounded with grooming necessities

In the beginning, you won’t need to stock your cabinets with lots of baby grooming products. But you’ll definitely need baby nail clippers to trim your baby nails (which grow so fast). You will also need a digital thermometer to be able to take your baby’s temperature and a nasal aspirator to clean snot out of their nose, should the need arise. Note that babies can be very stuffy at first!

Feeding Necessities

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source: feedingyourbaby.wordpress.com

If you’ll be breastfeeding, you won’t need much. Useful tools you’ll want to get include nursing pads and nipple creams. You’ll also want to get a breast pump in case you need to pump for your newborn. However, if you’re planning on formula feeding, make sure to get a handful of bottles to avoid middle-of-the-night washing. You’ll also need to get a bottle brush and a bottle drying rack.

Nursery Items

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You might be excited about the nursery décor and which furniture to choose, but know that the only furniture you will truly need for your newborn is a place for them to sleep and a place to store their clothes. Of course, many parents opt for much more nursery supplies than this. They also get a dresser, a changing table, nursery gliders, a bouncy seat, a toy bin, a baby swing, etc. Decorating the baby’s room can be a delight, but if you want, you can hold off on those things until your baby is older, so you can have a better idea of what they truly need.

When shopping for your nursery supplies, a bassinet is something you may want to consider. Besides offering a safe sleeping spot for your baby, the bassinet is also a great way to keep your newborn close to you during the first months. You can get your baby’s bassinet right next to your bed for easy middle-of-the-night feedings, diaper changes and check-in.

You’ll also need a safe way to transport your baby around. Keep in mind that car seats are mandatory, which means the hospital staff won’t let you leave unless you have a properly installed car seat in your car. You can get an infant-only or convertible model with a lower weight limit designed for newborns. Your baby should be rear-facing, and experts recommend children to remain in a rear-facing car safety seat until they reach the highest weight of height allowed by their seat.

In addition to that, you will also need a stroller or a baby carrier, although you can wait on those if you want. A baby carrier allows you to carry your baby close to you while allowing your both hands to be free to do everything else. A stroller will make it easy to get out and about with your baby.