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Colicky Baby? Here’s My Advice on How to Soothe It

Having a baby is a blessing for the parents, however, things take a different turn as soon as you realize you have a fussy little one who gives you no time to rest through the night. I take it from my experience. Happy as my husband and I were, expecting Ethan our first son, things quickly changed when he was born as he barely gave us any time for ourselves to either eat or sleep.

Minutes of crying would turn into half an hour, a whole hour or should I say hours, every night and it wasn’t because of being wet, hungry or tired. Other than the constant worry and frustration there might be some health issue behind the colic (thankfully there wasn’t!), we were starting to look like a couple of zombies with under-eye bags big enough not to be covered by makeup, and plenty of weight lost.

One of the basic items of newborn baby care products that helped reduce his colic was a feeding bottle with an anti-colic valve designed to allow air in the bottle and not the tummy. It was such a stressful experience for the first three months, we feared the second one would give us as much work.

Instead, Noah turned out to be the exact opposite, but the bottle was more than welcome for him too. Recently, one of my younger cousins become a mummy, and much to her unpleasant surprise her baby girl is showing signs of being colicky, so seems like we got another one in the family.

Knowing I’ve been through this years ago, she sought my help desperately. Along with giving her some handy newborn baby care products, like bottle food warmer, steriliser, and moisturising goat milk wash, you guessed it, I also presented her with a BPA free anti-colic bottle.


Swallowing less air to reduce the gas is, of course, one of the many ways to deal with colicky babies. If any of you dear readers are mummies going through this, know you’re not alone and there are more solutions you could try besides the handy bottle.

What works for one baby may not work for another, but massages are highly welcome, so getting a soothing relief moisturising cream should be one of your basics as you soak them in a warm bath, along with the holy BPA free soother.

Since babies are safe and snug in the womb for months, feeling every movement, when they find themselves lying in a crib with no motion at all, they can feel distressed which would explain why soothing them with motion and sound is recommended too.

Try to calm all of their senses, play them lullabies or sing to them, whatever helps restore the peace. Ethan loved being taken through different rooms, getting a bit change of scenery.

As tempting as it might be, it’s important not to ignore their cries because that would stress them out even more. Remember it’s okay to admit you’re worn out and ask for help from family and friends every now and then if you need to recharge your energy with a nap for an hour or so.