All the Occasions When an Occasional Chair Makes All the Rage

Opposed to popular belief, not every woman is impressed when given a gift in the form of fashion accessories. I’ve never really considered myself what you may call a fashion savvy woman. Actually, my life motto is simple and comfortable and this reflects on my style choices pretty much. A nice proof for that is the handbag I have been using for a few years now, although some may say that’s a fashion no-no. This explains the present my husband got me for my last birthday – a Globewest Tango Butterfly Occasional Chair. The man sure knows what works for me.


Featuring natural rattan framed by a powder-coated iron, this chair was a perfect addition for my living room. It no longer surprises me that this is the one sitting place all family members and guests go to first, as the butterfly shape makes you feel like the chair is giving you a hug.

The reason I like occasional chairs so much is that they have one wonderful advantage over other pieces of furniture – they are easy to move around.

For example, whenever I get tired of my chair being part of the seating area, I simply move it to a bare wall or an empty corner to add interest and colour to the space.


Simply said, I love occasional chairs for the amazing versatility they offer for one’s home design.


For instance, take a look at this living room and take note of how the pair of chairs complement it differently: traditional rather than contemporary, patterned rather than solid. The space could have been filled with yet another sofa, but these chairs offer so much more…

A pair of occasional chairs can also be used to draws attention to the fireplace.


Many think that they don’t have enough space for a couple of chairs close to their fireplace or that a pair of chairs might make their space look cramped, however with the right chairs (the perfect size and style) it can work well visually as well as provide a great seating alternative.

Bedrooms are also perfect places for chairs. They make a great place for throwing clothes on (chuckles). And because traffic patterns are not that essential in a bedroom, you can place a chair in a very tight space and it will still function beautifully! Simple, beautiful and comfortable – just how I like it and something tells me I am not alone…